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Cartoon Network!

So right now all I watch is 'Adventure Time' and re-runs of 'The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy' and 'Foster's home for Imaginary Friends'- it's better than any reality stuff.
So, what's your fave cartoon and what cartoon character(s) do you think you're most like?
Personally I'd like to think that I'm a combination of: Mandy from 'The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy', Cheese from 'Foster's home for Imaginary Friends' and a bit of Marceline from 'Adventure Time'.
So what about you?

20 day celebrity challenge! Day 5!

I dunno..... Sorreee!

20 day celebrity challenge! Day 4!

Favourite rapper? don't really listen to rap.... Eminem maybe?

20 day celebrity challenge! Day 3!

Who would I turn lesbian for??? hmmmmm......... Either Lyn-z Way or Florence Welch.

20 day celebrity challenge! Day 2!

Who would I marry if I got the chance??? Frank Iero of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 day celebrity challenge!


Giffy Goodness!

Gifs! yea.....


Happy Saint Gerard Way, Saint Mikey Way, Saint Ray Toro Day and Saint Frank Iero day!!!!

I do this for myself.

This summer I will lose weight.

I'm sick of being told I am slim when I know I'm not.
I'm sick of being lied to.
I'm sick of not being healthy.
I'm sick of not being wanted.
I'm sick of seeing all the other beautiful girls who are just so perfect just the way they are.
But most of all I'm sick of all I'm sick of looking in the mirror and seeing my face.

This summer I will be thin, but this time it will be for me.

I'm doing this for myself. No one else.

I'm so scared!

Okay today was my last day at school before the summer break. I live in England and when I come back I'll be going into Year 9 (I think its equivalent to 8th Grade).
So I've been told by my teachers I've got 6 months left of *fun* school until its all serious hard work for GCSEs. GCSEs are exams you take in England when you're 16 and what you get in your GCSEs decides what you in A-levels (exams you take when you're 18).

I don't want to grow up. Being serious and working so hard is something I'm scared of. I'm just so worried about the future. I'm also scared of disappointing my family.