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It's easier to hate you
Because loving you destroyed me
Either way I can't breath
You took my heart
I'll put a knife in yours
You told me to calm down
As you ripped out my fucking throat
Your words were like bullets
So how do you like my gun now fucker?
You broke me so good, darling
So we can pretend you don't know me
You don't need to recognize my blood stained face
I'd still know you better than you do

I feel nothing
I'm so numb

Once again, I promise I am okay.

Do you want to talk to me?
People think you're weird too?
People think your ambitions are too high as well?
People never seem to give a shit about you either?
We have so much in common.
You feel the same? That's so amazing.

Let's hug,
Let's walk,
Let's talk,
Let's sing,
Let's run.
Let's laugh about the same stupid jokes, same stupid ideas we share.
Let's talk about nothing as if it's everything because we're young and we think we know what we're doing, what we're saying.
Let's pretend we'll stay like this forever.

Do you want to get matching tops? Matching shoes?

wish me luck!

Got my grade 5 oboe exam today. I'm kinda terrified. :)
Wish me luck!!!

A letter to You

If I were to feel the loss of the 150,000 people that died today,
it would still be nothing in comparison to when I knew I lost you.
A halo of red now remains,
Your fading eyes burning into mine.
Do you remember you told me you loved me?
You don't?
Of course you don't.
You're dead now.

Okay so I wrote this poem. Tell me what you think, I hope it's not too crappy.


You pulled me out of the wreckage
I'm still fighting to stay alive
Blowing down paper airplanes
Smoke filled the sky and swelled up my mind
We built towers so very tall
Smashing down walls just to break the grey
This was no way to die
Don't go I need you to stay

And through it all we'll die again
One day we'll meet and dance again
So damn me and fill up this grave now
How can I live if you won't show me how?

im so scared

i know you should never believe a rumor unless the MCR guys say it themselves, but there is a rumor going around tumblr (totally unreliable source, i know) saying that MCR are breaking up.
Im just so scared because I don't know what I'd do without them, I don't know what I do and I'm not ready for them to be gone and im scared.
please guys tell me what you think. im worried 'MCR5' will never happen, some people say Conventional Weapons is like them stalling for the new album and this is probably a load of rubbish but these rumors just make me........ i don't know.
shout at me and get mad at

this is all i have to say

okay im going to get straight to the point and say it.
It's their lives, whether mikey way cheated, whether they are getting a divorce, whatever happens, IT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. It's their personal life and they just need to sort it out amongst themselves, hate or claiming to know exactly what is going on is NOT GOING TO HELP.
I hope for the best for mikey and alicia, I just hope whatever happens between them makes them happier in the long run, and that this doesn't ultimately effect the band.
Why do people think this is going to cause MCR to break up?

Jesus stole my girlfriend

Anyone here like Violent Soho? They're a really great band, check 'em out. They remind me of The Pixies, Nirvana and Blur, so yea.

and was listening to leathermouth and then i wrote this

This halo of red surrounds your heart and splits your head
Stone cold eyes and lungs filled with lead
We are too young to die

So what do you think, its not much at all but y'know, I <3 opinions.

The Umbrella Academy!!!!!

So I've been away for a while now, quite a bit has happen, started teaching myself guitar and stepped away from drawing for a while and drifted away from comics UNTILLLLLL I REREAD THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY: APOCALYPSE SUITE AND DALLAS AND FELL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN. <3
I love this comic SO FUKKIN MUCH. It's so rad, like woah, if you haven't read it, PLEASE PLEASE DO!!! Even if you're not a fan of comics (WHYYYY?!?!) just try it, it's really good, it's up there with my other favorites, Watchmen, V for Vendetta and Hellboy.
So yea I did a couple of drawings.
Tell me what you guys think!