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So i waas in school ,just writing my story, about Vampires XD
And then this guy went to me..
" EMO" i was totally off gaurd. so i carried on wrting then he said it again..
my friend didnt help matters,
she said.
" She isnt emo, even tho she like emo music" saw the look on my face of O_O and then shut up..

Why am i so annoyed over this little thing??
It gets me everytimee ¬¬

Jackets ¬¬

Man i want one so much :L
i want Franks or Rays but i dont have the money...
what doi do,
bribe my parents or just ask for it some other way,
i would have one if i had a job, which i was looking out for then no more...

famous last words part 5

We all ran in a hurry after what Star said.
Grace and i just got talking shes amazing and lovely, why would they take her.

we grabbed our guns and ran to the car me sitting in the back with Ghoul as he grabbed my hand as if i looked scared.
" Its going to be fine" he said. i nodded and clentched his hand. he was one of those people who look out for you XD
i looked at the Desert rolling past as we drove. Party was a fast Driver and even kid had fun.
we decided to keep on driving then we got to BL-ind.

Its been 2 weeks now since the accident.

role Models

So im P.E... Dont ask,
we had to write down some role modals, 3 being sporty, others not..
i done Gerard way... this is waht i wrote...

Gerard way is my role modal becasue he dont give to thoughts about what people think of him them ( MCR) or another person,
he says be who you are and weare the MCRmy XD

i felt very proud, doubt people will get it thoo XD


no i am being serious,
i get home from school, log onto fb to see chavs going on about breaking a nail and no one careing,
me feeling like if ill wrte something as a status ill get told to go die :/
but then, on here someone has a broken heart, broken life we always seem to be there for them.
forgive me if im sounding all soppy and that but really,
i feel i can talk to youu guyss

i have been feeling down and reading fanfics and other thing always pic me up.
but recetnyl it hasnt,
if anyone would like to message me i will be grateful, i need cheering upp XD
P_D x

famous Last words Fanfic Part 4

So everything has changed since that new girl came along. since Korse and Dracs are now ahead of us we haven't done anything and Party is just always trying to get the girls attention. Kid Star and Ghoul are doing it to, but standing back as we all know how much Party likes her.
i felt someone the touch my shoulder.
i turned around to see Party and Toxic( i have been told to call her that) standing behind me.
" mind giving toxic some company while we sort out this Korse problem?" asked Party. i nodded. finally the game was on.
Toxic sat next to me and looked at me.there was silence for

famous Last words Fanfic Part 3

Layla Layed motionless on the bed in the hospital room. my hand wa round hers tight and it was like the
circulation had stopped in her hand because the way i was holding it. Sasha was looping over her like she was some sick puppy.
" What the?" i asked her.
" Im sorry?" she said that threw me back a little bit." ive always liked you Gee, i was hurt when you went off with my sister"
" But Frank likes you?" i said. she looked at me.
" R-ReallY?" she asked.
i nodded. " yes, alot to, he was hurt when you kissed me"
she looked down, " i used to like him, but i thought he didn't like me"


Well, today was okay, schoolm was fine and shizz but i got home and literally read all the hate posts and it made me feel rather sick,
What do people have against emos anyway, so what we are all the bloody same?
Anwyay, that pissed me off then i actually started to cry other nuthin,
i feel really down and i feel it alot,
i feel like talking to people but they wont listen...
thats why i come on here.
but you wont want to hear this...

Rant over..
fanfic tomorrow maybe

famous Last words Fanfic Part 2

The sand Was Warm on my feet, when i stood up it burnt. the red hair'd dude looked at me and smiled.
" party Poison?" i asked. he looked confused. his head slanted to the side as if he was checking me out and sniggered making me smile.
" Your not a killjoy?" he smiled. i was totally mindfucked. he took my arm and walked me over to 3 other guys and a little girl. these guys werent pedo's were they? i shook him off then he looked at me.
" hey we wont hurt you, whilst your here you will be in safe hands" he said. he showed me to sit down and the 3 guys looked at me.
" Who she?" said 1.

famous Last words Fanfic Part 1


The alarm bleeped like mental. i looked at the time it was half 4 in the morning. i felt the warmth of breath hanging ove rme as a shadow appeared to turn it off, i sneezed as his hair tickled my nose.
" Oh sorry, did i wake you?" asked Gerard. i opened my eyes.
" nope, im still asleep really"i said sitting up.
" sorry" he said kissing my cheek. " i would get up later, but you know Mikey always wants to look out for bloody unicorns"
i looked at him
" i joke?" he said. i frowned.
" you sure?" i asked. " he seems to be going to bed quite late"
We started to laugh at my little joke then