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ohkay, because she is awesomme and loves me Milly made me a Tumblr! im just getting used to it and i would love it if you lot could follow!!!

P_D xx

Proud Of Gerard?? ME?

Gerard....7 Years...... THE BEAUTY xD

Im so proud of Gerard, he really has turned his life around but he now has a beautiful wife and Daughter and is a true Hero and idol i suppose to many of you like he is to me XD
Well Done Gee, Well Done XD

London rioters

^ this is such a beautiful site,
goes to show how much we do care...

Rioters In Birmingham and London

in my opinon they have got well out of hand for no reason..
we need to get something happening because people are just going to copy,
i feel so sorry for the people in london... there is no right...
My opinoon anyway...

Hmmm, anyway how is everyone else? <3


x] I can't go a day without listening to music at least once
[x] I have to go on the computer at least once
[] I have an obsession with a band besides MCR
[] I'm shorter then Frank =]
[] I play guitar
[] I play bass
[] I play drums
[] I play keyborad
[] I'm in a band (school band :D)
[] Me and a friend are trying to start a band
[x] I wish I was in a band
[] I have never been to a concert
[] Ive been to a MCR concert [my time will come]
[] Ive shaken hands or high fived a membber of MCR [there hand was in a computer]
[] Ive shaken hands or high fived a member of any band [well.... -_-]

FOr the MCRmy

A 15 year old girl holds hands with her 1 year old son. People call her a slut, no one knows she was raped at 13. People call another guy fat, no one knows he has a serious disease causing him to be overweight People call an old man ugly, no one knew he had a serious njury while fighting for our country in war. Re-post this if you're against bullying and stereotyping.

Is She a Killjoy?

My mum said to me last night whilst watching My Chem's ~Im not okay video...
" ive liked MCR and known them longer than you"
She likes all their songs and wants to see them live..
and she thinks Gerard Is cute...

i think she maybe becoming a killjoy O_O


these past few days XD

so, not much has happened but Yesterday today and tomorrow had to be the coolest!!

Yesterday: i went shopping for my birthday present, i got skull candies and a pair of boots! then we went to a bbq, turns out my mum said that if i could find a friends whos brilliant at art, then she will let them write MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE on my wall xD xD xD thats an ongoing process XD

Today: its my mum and dads 13th anniversary xD HAPPY ANNIVERSARYY <3

TOMORROW: its my 14th birthday XD i know two presents from my friends which have a relation to MCR or Gerard Way.. Can't wait...

im off now to find a person

The things my chemical romance do to my brain...

Well, in science i done what a complete and utter AMAZING person would do and sang " bulletproof heart" when my science teacher went " So Gravity * i zoned out*"

My friends have gathered that im in love with Gerard!! i got about 2texts asking what my fave colour is and fave picture of Gerard :L turns out one thing i s a t-shirt dunno the other one :L

XD i obviously go on about them alot... !1

Something To Say About My Chem...

My chemical romance are my most Favorite band.
They have saved my life and others. they are so inspirational from the music they write, to the things they say to help killjoys through tough times through family or friends just being stupid people who obviously dont get what they are like.

this pretty much sums up my feeling for My Chemical Romance. i love them! and i think its safe to say it on here seen as tho we are all killjoys,
i feel so soppy now. buy HAPPY MCR DAY!!!

#ilovemcrandthefabulouskilljoys ;)