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Im not a vampire ( fanfic 7)

we shut the windows and closed the curtains to find that the door wasn't a stiff as what we thought. Korse come pileing in with his little diminones and held us all up to a wall. Gerard looking confused and frightened.
" WHAT THE FUCK IF HAPPENING?" he screamed as he struggled in a dracs grasp.
Korse looked at me," You going to tell him or shall i?" he asked me.
" Gerard" i said. " these are Dracs, this is what we get turned into when we are a vampire, we turn bad" i shouted. Korse started to laugh and walked to Lindsey. Gerard shook as he touched her light skin.

Im Not A Vampire.......... Trust Me? ( Fanfic Part 6)

Hmm io know not many people are reading this but if you want to check go to my profile thing and look it up!

that trip broke my heart. the feeling of leaving Gerard there alone made me feel my life was worthless. i twiddled my thumbs all the way to the place were i came from originally beofre i moved to Engalnd, i always new id come back some day. it didnt take long, this place i new was dark and dull. i rolled my eyes as i got out the car and ran to my old house which i still payed rent for just incase i came back. it was exactly how i left it.

Im Not A Vampire.......... Trust Me? ( Fanfic Part 5)

Franks eyes were beautiful, they glittered in the sun.
" We aint the two people who are destined to be together are we?" he asked. i shurgged.
" maybe," i said " you never know!" i smiled. he looked at me and moved his head to the side.
" no offence but you don't look like an Elizabeth" he said. i nodded.
" i know, my realy name Is Jennifer" i smiled. he nodded.
" Aww, thats a beautiful name" he said half blushing as he said it. it made me blush, i hated my real name, Lizzie seemed to be more better but with Frank saying it was beautiful made my hopes seem to grow.
" Frank?" i asked.

Im Not A Vampire.......... Trust Me? ( Fanfic Part 4)


" FUUUUU" i shouted at the top of my lungs looking at the blood pouring out my finger.
" What?" asked Gerard as he walked down the stairs?
" Just cut my finger on that stupid knife!" i screamed as i ran to get a towel.
" show me?" said Gerard, i showed him my very bloody finger and then noticed there was someone at the door that leads to the kitchen. her eyes were right on my finger. right on it, and im pretty sure i saw her lick her lips! is my finger really that sexy?
" Who's Dat?" i asked him as i ran to the first aid kit.
" oh thats my Girl.... friend Lindsey, Lindsey this Is

Im Not A Vampire.......... Trust Me? ( Fanfic Part 3)


she moved in closer just so our lips were about a centimeter away from each others, she smiled and giggled as i put my cup down so i didnt spill any drink. her hand made its way to my waist, it sent a shiver down my spine. it made me laugh, she looked confused and then i kissed her, i didnt mean to, and to be honest i thought i ruined the moment, when we broke she looked at me.
" Well" she said. and went to kiss me again but this time near the neck.

Im Not A Vampire.......... Trust Me? ( Fanfic Part 2)

yeahh i thought of another thing!

i really wise i haden't intoroduced gee and Lyn-z together.
i havent seen Gerard today and it broke my heart.
the thing is, Gerard always thought it was a joke, always thought it was something to laugh at. but i new it was something stronger something that. i thought it was a meaniningful thing.

i walked alone down the corridor names being called at me. without Gerard i was weak. then again im always weak. im different.
i felt someone following me. so i stopped and turned around expecting it to be a right chav. turned out to be a rather pretty girl.

Im Not A Vampire.......... Trust Me? ( Fanfic Part 1)

Okay, so i thought i would write a little fanfic as im bored and well!! here we go.

Mornings, i always hate them. the moments you have to put on your own eyeliner and make your own toast! Its like bloody hell, who does that!
as i managed to get out of bed i slumped back on the floor. my legs were still asleep. Mikey came running in to see what the noise was yet laughed to see me on the floor trying to move my legs!
" What the hell Gee?!" he laughed. i looked at him with the Shut-up-and-help look. he just cracked up even more.
" Mikey, you can be no help sometimes!" i laughed finally

What I #Sing For...

Okay, after seeing a post about what killjoys sing for i decided to do a sign about what i sing for...
i #SINGitforTheVictimsOfLife...

When people leave us that shouldnt of...
because it breaks my heart when I hear a person has died So this is what i sing for..
Really, i know its quite soppy and i really couldn't care less if you thought i was weird. but please tell me if its a good thing i sing for XD

Hmm, need to ask you killjoys a question...

So, im sitting here reading quotes from MCR and then i just started to think..
1) on how many people make me feel like i should be no more
2) how i wanna be is how i wanna be
3) that no one will take me alive and so on...

and i was just wondering if any of you have thought like this from reading the quotes? or is it just me?
I do find My Chemical Romance very imspiring and they have made me think alot recently.. not bad things( thank god) just things that i know i can change and never let people take me alive XD


that Awkward moment when....

Cancer starts to play, you sing very loudly and notice your neighbors are looking at you through the window, ( worst thing is they are the chaviest chavs)