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Im Not A Vampire.......... Trust Me? ( Fanfic Part 14)


me and Lizzie were sitting in the car when the boys went back. i hope they were alright. Lizzie was looking at me.
" Why did Frank call me Lizzie?" she asked. i sighed.
" look, your name is Jennifer you didnt like it so you changed it you Lizzie but then they brainwashed you and gave you Jamia as a name, which to be fair, i love and i think it suits you" i smiled. she nodded.
" You love Gerard alot dont you" she asked me. i looked at her and tilted my head to the side.
" and you with frank?" i asked. she nodded.
" oh yes, thats not what i was getting at i mean well, you and Gerard


Okay so i have been reading many a blogs on here and many people have put on about the new or wahtever with the MCR emp suicidal cult thing, so i went to have a look!
after reading it my liking for the news went down and then it was on about Converse and skinny jeans! well you should of seen me dressed in what i was yesterday!

if MCR were emo's cause of what they looked like then i would stand by them alone, pfft what they wear now is no where near enough compared to what i wear! i wore alll black this week, but hang on... Danger days i colourful!

Im Not A Vampire.......... Trust Me? ( Fanfic Part 13)

the journery back was boring and silent.
no one spoke, or moved i would of thought Lindsey would of snogged Gee's face off by now. but she didn't thankfully enough. my thought lead straight to Lizzie, alone in that place, her being brainwashed into a new person with a new name.
" ill get you Li-i mean Jamia!"i said. Gerard placed his cold hand on my shoulder. it was comforting in away, but then Lindsey broke it.
" why call her Jamia if her realy name is Lizzie?" she asked me softly. i looked at her.
" her realy name is Jennifer but she didnt like it, so she called her self lizzie, but

Im Not A Vampire.......... Trust Me? ( Fanfic Part 12)


i had to save her,
i could leave here alone in that fucking place. i got in my car and drove off without saying my maybe final goodbyes to everyone. i told them about my plan but i could leave Lizzie alone. i drove really fast and seen as though the route to the BL/ind didnt have any roads i went so fast as i was the only on driving in the dessert. it was fun i must say!
i got to the buliding loaded my gun and started to walk to the building. then the Japanesse ladie came out.
" Wait" i said as she held up her gun. " i come to bargain with you"
she lowered her gun and looked at me.

Im not a vampire ( fanfic 12)

i turned around to see Gerards eyes open but him struggling to breathe.
" GERARD" i shouted fianlly snapping out of my tanse of Lizzie leaving and ran to his side.
" Frank" he said struggling " Do No Leave me"
I nodded as Mikey ran over.
" SHIT MAN" he said as he checked Gerards pulse, it was rising again.
Gerards breathing seemed to have calmed down and he side as his hand touched his neck.
" Panic attack?" i asked Mikey.he nodded.
" Anytime he used to get beaten he use to get one, not as bad as this" he said. i picked gerard up again.
" lets head back to camp and go home" i said.

Im not a vampire ( fanfic 11)

I heard footsteps behind me. my gun was in my hand ready. and loaded. a hand reached for my neck and truned me around. Korse was there gun at my neck.
" Say your goodbyes Killjoy" he said. my hand was shaking as i looked out the cornor of my eye. Frank was standing tear in his eyes as he ran to Lizzie. Lindsey was squirming on the floor. i looked at korse. Slowly i moved my gun right by his rib.
" goodbye" i said as i shot him, but at the same time he shot me.
" GERARD" frank shouted as i felt his cold hand catch me as i fell.

No not Gerard aswell, not the guy i used to love.

Im Not A Vampire.......... Trust Me? ( Fanfic Part 10)

thankyou to every one reading!!

i Nearly jumped out of my skin when i saw the room they put us in, it was all filled with glass and they just threw us on the floor.
" Wait here!" said Korse. me anf Frank rolled our eyes,
" like we could go anywhere?" siad Mikey. " Our feet and arms are tied together"
i looked at my feet to see a drac tieing them up, i really had a n urge to actually kick him! but then he got up just as i moved my feet.
" Yeah well" said Korse.
he left the room and shut the door.

Im not a vampire ( fanfic 9)

after i stopped crying we were back on the move and found a nice spot to put up camp for the evening, We had brung loads of food and had a camp fire Gerard lying down on a bench we made with Stone and wood. we made up an antidote to stop the sweeling and pain, it seemed to of worked.
" How you feeling?" i asked him as i brough him up some beans in a can Ray had warmed up. he looked at me.
" How do you think?" he said taking the beans forcefully out of my hands.
" Look Gerard" i said. " i never new this was going to happen.
" Dracs?" he said looked at me. " what the fuck are dracs?"

my killjoy

Real Name- Unknown
Killjoy Name- Parade_Destroya
Gender- Female
Age- 16
Eye Colour- Blue
Hair Colour- Black with red highlights in it
Home- The Dessert
Interests- Music, Ghosting
Ray Gun Colour- Red with Black Skulls On
Mask- I wear Franks Bandana
Clothing- Dark Blue Jeans With my MCR Top Which gets covered up when i wear my blue coat, i wear boots and i have my hair starightened and down.
History- Was out ghosting with the fabulous killjoys when i got cold and frank gave me his bandana, when they went to find grace i stayed behindbut they never returned. i still have the bandana.

Im not a vampire ( fanfic 8)

Thankyou for the people reading, and im really sorry for the shortness and rubbish spelling, i had to type that in 5 minutes!!

We scrambled in the car. Gerard was lead on mine,Lizzies and franks laps at the back Ray was in the passanger seat and Mikey was driving.
" Where the fuck am i going?" he asked as he sped up. " we need Gas"
Frank looked behind, Korse struggled out the door and was getting some medical attention from a drac who had just ran up from a parked car.
" go to the gas station round the back of town we have enought gas to get us there" Ray said as Frank nodded in