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Summertime Fanfic ( PartTwenty )

i asked to my self. there was bullets flying everywhere, Mikey had been hit in the arm and was on the floor squealing. I ran to him.
" Mikey" The voice came again. i realized it was Gerard.
" Whats going on?" i asked him ducking from bullets coming from no where.
" They're shooting from the outside" Said Ray running it from his bedroom.
I Looked to see Crystal rocking on the sofa. she looked pale as a sheet. she was looking at Mikey on the floor.
" Crystal" the guys shouted from down stairs " We know your here."
she walked to the window.

School BLERR

Yep school Now Bleughh i hate school.
at least i hang with some killjoys i found there, we have suchaa laughh n thtats all we talk about...

Anyway, if you are keeping up with it my story Summertime will continue after school <3

Keep Running...

Me n people

I was talking to some people the other day and then.. they was like,
" So, MCR ARE SHIT" they said.
" you dont want to say that" i replied.
" Why?" they asked.
" ill Get The MCRmy on you" i said.
they aint scared but we all know they should be XD x

Summertime Fanfic ( Part Nineteen )

i couldn't say no of letting Julia in. She was holding her hand under her nose which was dripping with blood quite badly now.
" Who done ?" i asked.
" D-Danny" She said. i looked at her in shock. Frank said he had taken care of him. me thinking he was in prison. Obviously not.
" oh" i said leading her to the couch. i looked at the clock. it was 6:07pm i should be going to the pub. but i couldn't leave Julia like this.
i went to the kitchen and got the first aid kit out for about the second time this month and started dressing her cuts.
" He hit me" she said i nodded.
" i kind of

Summertime Fanfic ( Part Eighteen )

Before i start i want to say thankyou for people who are reading... it means alot.. ANYWAY.

" I couldn't help it" i said as Crystal looked at me.
" So you Punched him" she said as she knelt next to Gerard who was lying on the floor.
" Yes, yes i did" i said. Frank looked at me.
" He said he loved you Crys, you mine" i said looking at her.
" Maybe it might of been- what i said- SHIT" she muttered to herself.
" what did you say crystal?" i asked putting my hand on my hips.
" i love Gerard" she said. " but, i love you more, but i will always love him"
i looked at her.

Summertime Fanfic ( Part Seventeen )

I'm Gonna Return The Favor...
Thankyhoo StephWeffNeff For Readingg... You Are a legendd :D

All eyes were on me.
" What i dont have drugs" i pleaded with them. it was no use. they had found them. they hand cuft me and lead me to the car.
" Gee, What ya do man?" Asked Frank running after me.
" Tell Crystal... wait dont worry" I said as i got into the car and they drove off.

When i walked back into the house the atmosphere had changed completely.
Crystal had gone to her room. i heard the door slam from 5 houses up.
Mikey was sitting at her door.

Summertime Fanfic ( Part Sixteen )


Crystal was only in Hospital for another 3 days. it seemed to have dragged however. Gerard always went to see her. Mikey could never sleep. i Slept fine but had nightmares and Ray just was Silent through out the whole process.

Crystal put on foot on the floor and stood up. her trainers not fully touching the floor. she went to take a step but fell over. Me and Gerard ran round to help.
" Thanks" she said. The reason she couldn't she walk was because were the bleed was in her brain it cause her walking to have a knock on side affect, which will go if she keeps walking.
i grabbed her

Summertime Fanfic ( Part Fifteen )


The Doctor had a I'm-So-Sorry-But, look on his face.
Mikey had only just noticed that the doctor was in the actual room as he was more concentrated on Crystal.
" what?" i asked.
" She banged her head pretty badly" the doctor said.
" You don't say" Said Mikey butting in.
" She need surgery as there might be a bleed near the brain" said the doctor.
My Mouth opened. I Looked at Mikey, he had a tear in his eye. i then looked at the Delicate Crystal lying in the bed. maybe hearing what we was saying i dont know.
" oh" they were the only words that left my mouth.
" we have an open space

Thank You Guys

I'm Gonna Sound Really Soppy NOw Butt Thankyou...
YOu Guys Have seriously cheered me up ever since i've been on here,
the people who are my friends or not friends have just made me feel welcome,
everyone whos commented on my story thankyou...
And overall...

I'm Starting to sounf like Gerard Way...

Im not leaving just thought you guys better know :D

ToxicGasMask XD

Summertime Fanfic ( Part Fouteen )


when I Woke up, i saw my mum watching over me. then i slapped her round her face.
" Hey" she said. " Okay i know I've probably Pissed you off but no need for that"
" Yes There was" Said Frank.
" Shut up Frank, Im still mad at you" i said. " why didn't you tell me" i was alot more Calmer on ~Frank as he had been there for me.
" Look, she told me not to, and to be honest i dot even get how i am, i thought i was older" he said. My Mum nodded.
" Yes you are older. but only like by a 2 years, because when i was 15 i left you with your dad" Said mum.
" So much for world domination" i