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Stay Beautiful Keep It Ugly ( FANFIC Part 5)

I new that this wasn't a dream as i kind of felt alive and not asleep. i new i was alive in this world i new this was like my dream yet if i died in my dream i would wake up. if i died now i would be dead.
i looked at my clothes. i was wearing black jeans and a leather black jacket. i had a black ray gun and a mask, i looked to my side and the dessert was deserted. i could help but think a bit Gerard in the life i live in real. maybe it wasn't real anymore. maybe it was just a devastating fact that i had to leave them behind to help them in this world as i new the consequences.

Stay Beautiful Keep It Ugly ( FANFIC Part 4)


i new she was slipping away from. she didn't move. she was in a dream. she had nearly drowned. she could die. i held on to her tight. then she screamed but stayed still and silent.

Tortanic Turtle
i was now on a parade. people all dressed in black around me. some wearing make up others not. i new where i was. is this what it felt like to be dead. i looked at this guy. he had white hair. i new it was Gerard and he smiled at me and helped me up onto the parade cart. he sang. i dont know why. he just did. i danced a little to.
i then was in another dream.
it was at school.


i fucking hate hospitals( to put it polietly) i have to go today and its not my kind of thing...
i have to have an MRI scan on my foot (LOL) soo yeahh WOOHOOO.. although i mis a part of maths ( Get in there) and dont go back to school until about half 7 tonight to watch a play...
Wishh me luckk xx

imm boredd

[ ] You're born in April
[ ] You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
[x ] You're a born leader
[] You love drawing and You do it well
[x] You love singing (not good at that )
[x] You're afraid of needles
[X ] You call Your friends with their last names instead of their first names
[X ] You've got siblings and You love them
[x] you were/are bullied at school
[x] you like vampires and horror movies
[ ] you've beaten depression
[ ] You're born in July
[] You play the guitar
[] You've got a scar on Your head
x] You can't swim (i can, just not good lol )
[ ] You've got

Stay Beautiful Keep It Ugly ( FANFIC Part3)

Gerard left early the next day so i couldnt tellhim about the dream. i was quiet content about talking tot he cat tho. i sat down looked at it and stared to stroke it. it then hissed at me.
i decided that it was a bad idea and then went on the computer. i decided to write out my dreams instead. i tyoed them down when my mobile went off.
it was Gerard.
" Hello?" i asked.
" WE FUCKING GOT IT"he shouted down the phone. i was still half awake so being stupid i asked what.
" You got FUCKING what?" i laughed as he sighed.
" we got the manager, we;re gonna be famous" i then screamed.
" Fucking Hell

Stay Beautiful Keep It Ugly ( FANFIC Part 2)

Dear kitty
So Hello... yes im writing in my diary. i keep having weird dreams about If My Chemical Romance become famous. i know they aint yet but these dreams are becoming something. i keep having them and its pretty scary as they are all of them dressed in either black or colourful clothing WTF..
i have to go now.

I closed my Diary and put it under my bed as Gerard left the room. i put my hair in a bun and walked out the room. Lacey Was sitting playing arm wrestling with Mikey and Frank was snogging the face off Kat.

Stay Beautiful Keep It Ugly ( FANFIC Part 1)

Hey guys... im bored so heres a little bit of a new FANFIC. i want to write.( THERES ALOT OF SWEARING)

We ran. Ran away from the Lasers which were being shot at us from every angle we ran. All i could think was Party Posison Running With his mask on. it made me laugh at the thought of it. This wasnt a funny time tho.
" Tortanic" Kobra Kid shouted. i ducked and shot my gun which hit one of the " things behind me" i kept running until we got to this gas station.
Our car was waiting for us. i loved the car. it was Brilliant a massive spider on it.

Summertime Fanfic ( Part Twenty-two..LAST PART )

Heya guys... so this is the last part of my Fan Fic... tell me what you think.. there gonna be new people in it.. so hopee yhoo like ...

2 years later.

I put on my Suite and walked outside. My hair was messy but i didnt really care.
" i wonder what shes's wearing?" asked Mikey looking at himself in the mirror.
" clothes hopefully" said frank. We laughed.
" I'm happy for ya man" said Ray tapping Mikey on the shoulder.
" Are you and Kristie getting married?" Asked Frank to Ray we all looked at him. He looked sheepish.
" i was going to ask her this valentines day, is it to early?" he

Summertime Fanfic ( Part Twenty-one )

Thanks for all the comments guys... this story will finishh if you wantt me to write another... pleasee comment x

Danny's body fell over right in fromt of me. blood oozing from his neck. i looked up. the guys who were holding Frank and Ray dropped them and ran out. Frank and Ray and Mikey had their mouths right open. Gerard stood there and clapped. The so did frank. Then Ray. Mikey tried to but he cried in pain.
" Woahhh," said Gerard who grabbed me and oulled me into a hug. " You saved my life"
i nearly cried. he smelt good. i couldnt help but hold him closer.

Oh Yeaa Gee....

Geee your a fucking legend...
i might do this for halloween...