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Destory-ya Part 5 ( My new FANFIC)

Not Many people reading it but im bored so what the heck...

I ran to Taylor who was lying on the floor. she started to come round but sounded dreary.
" Im so sorry" said Kezza sarcastically. thankfully My phone started to ring in my pocket i picked it was Mikey.
" Dude where are you," said Mikey. i rolled my eyes.
" At kezza's look get here quick. theres been an accident" i said quickly grabbing hold of Kezza before she could run off. i succeed.
" What with kezza?" asked Mikey i could here him getting the guys together,
" No, Taylor" i said looking at Kezza.

Day 03- A Song That Makes You Happy...

This is so True...
well it is when i go there.. :D x

Destory-ya Part 4( My new FANFIC)

Thanks For The People Who Are Reading This..

She kicked me out pretty quickly. she hugged m eand then told me she had to go out urgently. i couldnt say no. so i got my things and walked back. the house was empty. so i sat down turned on the X-box and went on COD. When the phone rang.

* about 5 mins before that*

Ughh, Frank had gone out and i was alone. so i picked up my hoodie put it on pulled up the hood and went out for a little walk. i new just then that it was cold and boring so i put my i-pod on ACDC and started to rock out to the song which was playing.
Then Teenagers

Oppsy Daisy...

So i got creative media today.... Drama basically...
And Everyone is asking me weather our courseowrk is due in....
i dont think it is... but if it is im buggered...
i done none of it xx


everyone is stopping there fanficz:I(
i got nothing to read can someone randomly start a new one so i can read it... :D
XD xx

Destory-ya Part 4 ( My new FANFIC)

Taylor seemed cool. well i guess i can have her seen as tho Gerard is now with Kezza. been 3 weeks. wow. Taylor had been in her room for most of it. and we bearly said her name as we forgot most of the time she was here. i sat down on the sofa and played my quitar. it was only me and Taylor in. Gerard and that went to the shops, it was like there mothers meeting time.
I sat there playing the tune to Na Na Na when Taylor came out of her room.
" Hey" i said as she walked past she nodded and started to hum a tune that wasn't Na na na..
" whats that?" i asked as she poured orange juice

day 02 - your least favorite song JESSIE J

Any thing By Jessie J Or Justin Beiber i DISPISE :L x

The Wanted.....

You Guys Are Gonna Hate Me.... I Like The Wanted...
Yes i know they are alot different to MCR.. but they are quite cool.. and fit lol...
MCR AREEE WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BETTERR... but im seeing the wanted in 16 days and im actually excited..
but i still want to see MCR... they are amazee :D
just dont hate me :P x

Destory-ya Part 3

Thanks For Reading guys... i have got this story planned.. and its going to end somehow you wouldnt expect :D

Ughh Gerard Way... i thought to my self as i walked to my room. i couldnt hear any foot steps after that so i new he was still in that one spot. so i opened the door. he just stared at the door.
" Aint you got to go somewhere?" i asked him. he nodded and walked out. i was finally alone... Finally.

Gerard walked to the store he looked pretty bummed out by the time he got there. but as we walked to our room to get ready a girl started to walk our way.

Destory-ya Part 2 ( My new FANFIC)

Thanks for reading part one guys... yes im trying to make Gerard Funny in this... :D

I Woke up the next morning to a fry up. well that was unusual. Frank never cooks. i looked in the mirror. i looked like i had a hang over. oh wait i did. i have no idea what happened last night. i got dressed and walked out to the sitting area.
there was Frank Ray Mikey sitting in the kitchen and then This random girl gave me my fry up.
" thanks " i said. i started eating when i looked at Frank Mikey and Ray who looked at me. then i realized why.
" WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?" i asked jumping back in my