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Saveyourself part 8 fanfic

I did post it but it didnt post!
* just to let you know my letter T is being a douche so, if there is a blank its were i T is!*

Gerard jumped on me as the fire exploded. he smiled.
" hello" he said.
" fancy metting you here!" i said as i clampered up and helped him up.
He nodded " through he back!" shoued Frank from the other side of the counter.
we followed as anoher gas explosion lef the fire.
we lead outside.
as i looked around o try and find Dan i saw Frank talking to Gerard.
" want one?!" asked Dan handing a cigarette infron of my face, i ook it aas he li it.
" so, killjoy huh?" asked

i had to let this out.

Okay. I LOVE MCFLY. okay, i love them, since i was 5 and stuck by them all the way, i love MCR too! however, this girl 9 of age, ( she wernt born when Mcfly started) thinks shes all it saying shes like them longer.
now- i adore this girl to bits but seriously? im 14?!

anyway, we were having this " debate" about who has Dougie
she come up with " hes my boyfriend because hes the prettiest"
from my sight of things this brings me too the two bands. this is what i thought.
1) We all should love each band mate the same, good looking or not, they are all beautiful.
2) Look, no matter how much i


Wait I wanna do this.
[] Bought condoms.
[] Gotten pregnant.
[] Failed a class.
[x] Kissed a boy.
[] Kissed a girl.
[x] Used a little paper bag for lunch.
[] Had a job.
[x] Slipped on ice.
[x] Missed the bus.
[x] Left the house without money.
[] Bullied someone on the internet.
[] Sexted.
[] Had sex in public.
[x] Played on a sports team.
[] Smoked weed.
[] Smoked cigarettes.
[] Smoked a cigar.
[x] Drank alcohol.
[] Watched “The Breakfast Club”.
[x] Had an eating disorder.
[x] Been to a wedding.
[] Made fun of someone for being fat.
[x] Been on the computer for 5 hours straight.
[x] Watched

I dont know :/

Okay, so there is this boy, and he has just moved over the road from me, hes one year older and sucha laugh, hes friends with my Best mates boyfriend and ive been out with them before,
however, he moved on my road yesterday and i went out with him today, when we found out he was on my road we got really close saying we could go out like together meet up with people so on, and he asked if i'm walking home, i really wish i was.
Thing is, i dont know him as well, i think now that we are near eachother it will make things alot easier. but i dont know what to do say be like.
so. yeah. thats it.

Friends, fools or just plain no.

Ive been sat here waiting for an Hour and a half to meet up with my friends,
when i call them they say they are going at half one.
so ive wasted my time doing nothing,

thing is there is a massive festival thing and we are all going, but it gets so crowded and where im meeting them is the heart of it all.
¬_¬ ughh.

Saveyourself part 7 fanfic

i threw my bags on the floor of the big hall and looked at my uncle.
" there was no need for that, i could of told him" i said as i walked to get an apple from the table sitting on chair and starting to eat it.
" Why did you choose the humans side? its not your nature!" he replied.
" Not my nature my arse, if im the chosen one i can pick whatever side i wanted, and i chose that side capieche" i replied getting up. " i want to go back"
" your a hard one you arent you?" said Simon moving closer.
" whats that suppose to mean?" i asked him stepping back abit.
" You always want want want.


[x] Talked back to a teacher.
[x] Been kicked out of a class.
[x] Worn your pajamas to school.
[x] Had your tooth fall out during school.
[x] Gotten yourself lost in your school.
[x] Broken the dress code in your school.
[x] Completely and utterly failed a test.
[x] Left your class without asking anybody.
[x] Missed a whole week of school for something stupid.
[x] Thrown up your lunch in school.

[x] Argue with your parent[s] a lot.
[x] Argue with your brother[s] a lot.
[X] Argue with your sister[s] a lot.
[x] Do your own laundry.
[x] Cook dinner once

Saveyourself part 6fanfic

- Bleep-
My computer went.
" ooh Email" I said as i jumped from painting my nails to the laptop hitting my knee in the process.
it said. i laughed as i read the email.
To My Kesha.
Im sorry about my drunkeness last night, If you want to meet up later you can come round mine,
I have a massive headache, so no music.
Love you lots, Text me.
Gee. X

I immediatly grabbed my bag and ran out the door. Gerard lived a bus ride away, which was excelent a reason of getting me out the house and text my mum of where i have actually gone.
when i got to his house the door was

Saveyourself part 5 fanfic

Gerard pushed me against the cold wall.
" we been going out for an hour and now your doing this?" i said moving my WKD out the way.
Gerard smiled. " Shhh" he slurred " i love you"
" i love you-" i said before he kisssed me,
Mikey walked behind him, i laughed as he looked at Gerard with the face of your weird!
" Dude come on, your drunk and lonely" said Mikey winking at me, Gerard walked into the road.
" Im not lonley, i have an ant as a friend, i named him...........Simon" he said, my neck snapped towards him.
" please anything but simon" i said,.
" why?" asked Frank half snogging the face

Saveyourself part 4 fanfic

Gerard looked at me and burst out laughing.
" right, right, next your going to be telling me Edward cullen and Bellas swan are your best friends and we're going to their wedding right" he stood up. my eyes widened.
" Gerard, im being serious. My mum wasnt a vampire yet my dad was, making me half.. However my uncle wants to start war on you" i said.
Gerard looked at himself.
" me? why me, im sorry i dissed the Cullens! " he said, standing back arms raised.
" No. on humans, hes hated humans all his life, he hated my mum. Dan came to tell me, they need me. im trhe chosen one?" i said.
" what