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i saw this and i was obviously ANGRY.. but then it though..
i wonder what Gee Ray mikey and Frank was Thinking as they were still singing and people were calling them WANKERS.. i wonderr what they were all were thinking..

they were well brave to carry on XD
You rock guys no matter what people say XD XD XD

The Only Hope For Me? Part 4

" and you trust me with $600?" i asked Gerard as he handed me it to me.
" I dont no, Mikey and Ray do" he said as looked to see Mikey strumming on their quitars.
" Bloody hell mate, we are famous" i said.
" going to be" he said. he sat down and grabbed some coffee.
" i brought you my bullets you brought me your love is an amazing album, we'll get far" i said.
" we need a more catchier name then it can sell" said Ray.
" Hmmm" we said,
" I got an idea, what is it we would all like in life?" Mikey said.
" Unicorns?" I asked sniggering mikey rolled his eyes.
" Panda?" asked Ray.

Today n tomorra XD

Well ~Today i put my name down for RADIO 1 BIG WEEKEND.. ohh yeshh... i hope i get tickts to see MCR... me n ma dad would go.. it would be amazingg XD
tomorra night imaa seeing THE WANTED... im really excited XD...
yess i know its diff to MCR.... MCR take up all my heart.. The wanted are just fit and have good voices XD
ill see ya when i see ya killjoyss..

The Only Hope For Me? Part 3

Screams flooded my house as i got in.
" Alex is that you?" asked my mum walking out the kitchen holding my baby sister Shannon in her arms.
i nodded.
" Whats up with you? have you been called names again?" she asked. my mum loves the same music as me. you could say shes a goth. she is. shes always on my side and when she was younger she got into Alcohol and drugs.
i pulled down my hood. i looked at my mum who had dropped Shannons bottle on the floor and nearly Shannon.
" What the fuck?" asked My mum. she ran tot he living room and put Shannon down and come back out. i took off my coat.

The Only Hope For Me? Part 2

Thanks guys for commenting...

Today Dragged. Thank god for band practise after this.
Gee wouldn't stop going on about Alex. im not even sure thats her real name. shes in none of his classes and no where to be seen at lunch. We sat there, near the door, where it was freezing cold, for no one.
" Seriously" i said as we walked onto the bus. " you need to stop you know... obsessing over her"
He looked at me and rolled his eyes,
" Look Frank" he said. " Im not obsessing over her, i just think shes cool"
Mikey pulled up his jumper arm which had ALEX written on it.
" So where am i on the


People on here are well good at drawing... i cant draw...
i can only draw..

The Only Hope For Me? Part 1

So This is my new fanfic... hope you like...

Dayum. School. as i flipped my bag over my shoulder and swifted the blakc hair out o fmy eyes i called Mikey who was straighting his hair. i threw his hat to him.
" Ready to get named?" i asked him. he nodded looking kind of sad.
" i hear there a new girl" said Mikey looking at me.
" SHLAGGGGG" we both shouted. we opened the door and ran to the bus which had stopped for us. we got onto the bus took a deep breath and walked to the back. sandwichs and bottles been thrown at us.
" EMO" a person shouted.
" Fuck off yeah" i shouted back.
The bus

Fan Fic

i wanna write another fan fic but it looks like no one else is and i dont want tobe on my own...
should i do it?? x


I Havnt Blogged in a while,
just wondering how things are going with you killjoys XD


This made me laugh

so i was coming abck on the bus from shopping when a poster caught my eye..
it was a mcr one but it was ina chemist.
i laugehd but i was confused why it would be ina chemist... then i thought
" Drugs gimmie drugs " LOL <3