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Day 03: A song that makes you happy

Well, it makes me laugh, thats happiness right??

Day 02: Your least favourite song


The Only Hope For Me? Part 7/ and a big thankyou to you killjoys XD

Okay, ima carry on with the story but i just wanted to say tahnkyou guys for being here for me on my little downer, yes you guys are right they are SLUTS. and i feel Ewwww just thinking about it XD

the blood rushed threw me. i didnt mean to go all the way, i stopped. That alex girl was on my case. i had to Get to Gess faster than you could say Lightning, but how could i explain the blood, the eyes, the smell, THE LOOK. i ran to My mums which was downt he road. thankfully she was in and saw me in thsi state.
" Mum" i shouted look. she came rushing in. she looked at me.

Hmmm How Thoughtfulll

Okay, ive been on a proper downer recently. due to the fact everything seems to find its way of pissing me off.. i suppose its really not anyones fault but i just wanna drown the out WITH MCR.

today hit me hard tho, people were acting like sluts making me feel ill.. i hate girls who think their all big n shizz.. i was sitting in englaish, and all the girls were like " oh yeah sam will look at my tits n go-" yeah.. i moved away. i sat on my own listening to music and getting called shizz.

i have a go at everyone. people kept asking me if i was okay when i wasnt aND I WAS LIKE FUCK OFF..


I really wanna see MCR really badly.. my mum n dad are now coming to terms that they are my FAV band ever,
they told me that they will try n gte me tickets to see them...
i also want a killjoy jacket. im saving up my own money and my mum says she admires that i want something so badly and im determined to get it...
but the thing is i live in sunny england... and well they dont sell them here yet.. BUMMER.
so that is my moan for this week XD

day 1- favorite song

i dont like this song...

The Only Hope For Me? Part 6

i suppose i should of punched him instead of walking straight out. knocking over Ray and Mikey which they was not thankful for. i forgot all about the Fish and Chips an walked staright home.
" Honey?" my mum asked as i stormed upstairs. she followed me and entered my room.
i was crying on my bed. she put her arm around my shoulder and sighed.
" Boys?" asked my mum.
" actually a boy, the girl who did this" i showed her my hair " is going out With Gerard i feel useless"
" is this the guy who actually just became famous?" asked my mum.
i looked at her.

The Only Hope For Me? Part 5


I Left the computer not being to sure weather to read the comment. when i came back about 13 comments from josie and Gerard. still not reading them.
" they are obviously just going to have a row" i said as i shut down my laptop.
" Alex, do you mind getting fish and chips for dinner?" my mum called.
" yeah ill get it" i said jumping for the chance of seeing Gerard. he lived to dorrs down from the chippie so why not. i grabbed my jacket and my ipod and left. we always had fish and chips. well not always only when we could be arsed. otherwise i just had a salad.
i went to the chip shop

your favourite color
[] Red = loud
[ ] Green = stupid
[ ] None = freaky
[ ] Fuzzy = gorgeous
[ ] Yellow = innocent
[ ] Purple = a little too happy
[x] Black = emo
[ ] Stripes = funny
[ ] Gray = skanky
[ ] Pink = preppy
[ ] Light blue = sweaty
[ ] Other = hot
[ ]White = sexy

What kind of pants are you wearing?
[ ] Shorts = cutie
[ ]Skirt/short shorts = skank
[ ]Corduroy = faggot homosexual
[x]Tight jeans = scene kid
[ ]Ripped jeans = emo
[ ]Cammo = cage fighter
[ ]Jeans = prep
[ ]PJs = pimp
[ ]Cargo = clown
[ ]Sweats = athlete
[ ]Boxers = brat
[ ]Booty shorts = female
[ ]Capris = Gangster

Help Me Pleasee

Well Goood Morningg Killjoys...
Im in the mood for writing a story today
I wanna try n make it a good story...

But i need a title,
and a storyline...
i want it to be a catchy storyline and a title...
can you guys helop??? xx