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The Only Hope For Me? Part 11

Grace,< yep new character>
i opened the door to the fridge. No milkshake. i laughd.
" MUM GET SOME MILKSHAKE" i shouted upstairs. i turned around to see a fully grown man in my path. i was about to scream when his hand went to my mouth,
" Dont be affraid" he said as he took it away. " i can be a friend"
i looked at what he was wearing. He was wearing a long coat with frills on at the bottom and near the arms. i looked near his pocket. it looked like a gun of some sort.
" I like to pick my friends" i said as i opened the door. " i mean i dont know your name."
" the names Damen, but you can

The Only Hope For Me? Part 10

my mouth dropped as they told me what Damen made them do.
" you have to kill 10 people?" i asked, they nodded. they seemed so innocent and worthless it was unbelievable.
Frank Mikey and Ray had walked in. Mikey had died his hair.
" no specz?" asked Josie laughing.
" No" mikey laughed. " You alright Alex?"
Alex had started to cry. i walked up and hugged her.
" you need to kill him" she sobbed.
" what you mean?"i asked,
" Well, his venom is in us innit, kill him and we are normal" she smiled.
i nodded my head.
" lets go then" said Mikey,
" well first how we gonna do it?" asked Frwank,

Parents, Grandparents, PEOPLE

Me and my friend Sarah were talking and both said, i hate people. Me and sarah are getting emo-er by the second and we dont really care. we keep asing or looking like we are so as a joke we call ourselves emo..
anyway. so here i am up in Blackpool wiht my nan. and my little cuz is round. my mum is being a right dic and right infornt of me is going. AWW YOUR SOO CUTE, I LOVE YOU, YOUR NOW MINE....
im one of those people tat gt so pissed off with things i have to lie to get ou tthe room before i do something. my anger keeps rushing toards me and i find it hard to stop. so i cry.
i love it

The Smile On Your Face

Ive been so happy today,
i saw this guy wearing A Mcr hoodie and was Gawjuss.
he smiled at me and it was like a Gerard Smile...
it was a best day xoxo

I Love You, more than Like I Did, Yesterday

Gerard Way...34... Really?
Are you sure hes just not saying that, he cannot be 34 , he does not look it, even my mum said he was cute :O

Wow, anyway, ima say it again, happy birthday Gee, I Suppose All The MCRmy will be saying this but...
I LOVE YOU GERARD, you have taught me things, yhoo are just a ray of sunshine in my life XD i love you, and always will XD



i would like to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEE, you have taught me lots and most of that is not taking crap from anyone, i love that you didnt do that eaither. you are suchaa a sass master its unbelievable, only if you could read this :/ Oh well, i love you and you are in my heart ( likes always) today ♥♥


Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday DEAR GERARD...
Happy birthday to you,

i know its early but

and all The Other MCRmy And Killjoy Memebers xoxox
oh yeshh .. im in a love mood <3

Gerard Way

Is My Fudgin Hero...
That Is All

The Only Hope For Me? Part 8

Ten Years Later,

" and That my friends, is how you rock out" i said as i put the Mike down and walked out the studio.
" Destroya for next single Gee" shouted Mikey from the quitar room. i laughed.
I went out to the coffee shop which was near a newsagents. there was a headline which caught me off gaurd.
7 Dead, 1 missing, 8 people under suspiction..
so i ran in to get the news paper.
I started to read the article.
7 people have been found DEAD in Seattle and another 1 is missing. a large group of people dressed in dark clothes are under suspition 6 have been taken in.

The Only Hope For Me? Part 8

I nelt next to her as she started to shake. the ground was as cold as ice. i looked at the bracelet. No. i though. fuck no.
she started to she more violently. i picked her up and ran home. Mikey was On The Xbox and Frank was round.
" Gee?" asked Mikey as i violently opened the door. Alex was going pale now and was finding it hard to breathe.
" fuck" shouted Frank throwing the controller on the floor and smashing things off the kitchen table.
" what happened?" asked Mikey,
" she was telling me about being bitten our something and this being next to some random dude" i shouted.