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The Only Hope For Me? Part 13

There were people being tied up, for me. who the hell were they? I sat here just sitting down. looking at this girl. I looked at the man who tried to save her. His red hair swooped across his face.
" NOW" shouted Korse. " i think its time we introduce our newest member to the stand"
He Grabbed the man By the shoulder and pulled him next to me. he nelt down.
" look" He said, " my names Gerard and im going to save you" He whispered sweetly.
" My names Grace" i whispered.
" Right Grace, go and stand next to Alex, that girl with the Black hair" he said.

Radio one big weekend

OMGee, I had to create a bloody hotmail account, b
there has been in trouble with hotmail accounts so i dunno if i ot a ticket or not,
Im so Franking Annoyed...

The Only Hope For Me? Part 12

We walked down a hall way. It was closing in and i was getting a bit scared.
I felt something grab my hand. It was Gerard.
" its okay" he mouthed i held his hand tighter. i nodded and then walked off ahead.
" In here" said Frank who was ahead of us and pointing to a room.
I stopped. everything went silent.
~ the present vision~
" Grace Grace Grace" said Damen. " you really shouldnt talk to strangers"
" it was pretty hard not to" Said thje girl " grace" he touched her shoulder making her shiver. she looked 2 at him,.
" Dear Dear Grace" he got lower to her neck.

Radio one big weekend

So, Do we get emails then if we dont get tickets or do get tickets??
im confused..


I Had This Random Dream..

Well all met together and then we all decided to go off to where they shot Na Na Na and then for some random reason there was a Killjoy Market there and then we went to get Ray Guns And Masks, then there was a bang and we saw Dracs n Korse coming towards us, we all ran off then we saw The Guys Ans they was like Shhhh we killjoys, we had to introduce allllll of ourselves and we went on this adventure...

if i do say so my self, it was AMAZING XD

The bob Thing.. and other things..

I new it was fake, my sis told me, but then i told my mates and they believed me, so, they all think he repleid LOL.
My nan called me goth because i wore my " come to the dark side" hoodie...


Bob Bryar... REPLIED

He said Hola.... BUT STILL XD <3

Reminds me of someone- Teenagers Sarah <3
Remind me ofn a certain event- all time low by thewanted. when i saw them live XD xx

Day 04: A song that makes you sad missed about 4 XD

:( Ghost Of You

Killjoy Names

Me and my friend Sarah have thought of New Names...
Im Parade Destroya- becasue i listened to the black parade then becuase it was on shuffle destroya came on LOL...
And my Sarah is Crimson Poison... Her hair is Crimson Bluee so al is good XD <3