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£48 More, i think,

so i made out that basically the Killjoy Jacket to get shipped to England and for the whole jacket,
£72.77... i dunno if this is right,
but im telling my parents it is,
i only need £ 48 then to svae up XD

Is It Sad To Say

Okay, so Basically My Chemical Romance is like my life, they've helped me through loads of stuff and well they are my life, so are you fellow killjoys and the rest of the MCRmy is it sad to say that,
i said it and people burst out laughing, its the way i feel, but Is It Sad??


Haha, okay, guys i need help,
where can i get a P.P Killjoy jacket from in the U.K...
im saving up but they dont sell them on here for the U.K..
help me pleaseee xx

Day 07 : Teenagers : My Dads 50th
Day- 08: Sing Mcr
Day 09: Planetary Go

He Liked

Just thought i let you know the email was a sucsess with my uncle.
he loved it and was touched,
i was so pleased as he shared the link on facebook,
i hope opthers will see it and realise they are not alone,
Well dont MCR n well DONT MCRmy XD

Radio one big weekend.. AGAIN

Okay, im confused,
so we were meant to get this email saying we were registered but i didnt get that or an email saying if i got tickets??
Help ... if you have had this same problem please message me XD

Better Appricate

Okay, so i showed my mum #SINGItForJapan and my computer stopped, she said it seemed Ok...
but then i had this thought of emailing my uncle uin Japan and showing him it, so i did.. heres the email...

Good'Dey Sean,
Now, i thought i would show/ let you know about my favorite band and the help they have done towards Japan. this video is basically a song of My Favorite Band My Chemical Romance and they have got the MCRmy ( Fans of the band) to send in art work.
this project was called #SINGItForJapan.
I hope you enjoy because i


Now i was thinking imagine what would happen if MCR were on the news For the #SINGItForJapan.
Because think of it, they have finally done something and no other famous person has thought of doing it.
they need to say sumin about as BECAUSE IT WAS AMAZING..
i have watched it like a million times and well, i cried.
my uncle lives out there and i know he would appriciate it.



I Cried,
this is amazing,
my uncle will be so pleased when he sees this,

2 faced or just plain mean?

im starting to think my mum is to faced,
at home shes all nice and everything or shes like that when its just me,
but then when we are with other people she takes the mick outta me, or is really mean and takes the mickey out of the way i look and Shizz,
its fudging annoying ...
UGHHHHHH i hate my mum sometimess xx