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havnt done it in agess x

Day 10: A song that makes you fall asleep
Bella's Lulaby From Twilight LOL
Day 11: A song from your favourite band
Helena - MCR
Day 12: A song from a band you hate
Not A Band But, Katy Perry- Firework
Day 13: A song that is a guilty pleasure
Grenade- Bruno Mars

At the end of this month....

i will have money for the P.P Jacket,
im actyuall happy XD

The Only Hope For Me? Part 15

Gerard hand was in mine as we ran. Lloyd was hugging Grace, Josie and ray sitting on the floor panting, and Mikey n frank nowhere.
" Wheres- Frank and -M-MIKEY?" asked Gerard,
I looked at Lloyd,
" He took them" he said as he got up. " i tried to stop" Gerard hand stop him in his tracks,
" Who took them where" He asked.
" Our dad. Took them in there"he said. he pointed to a room.
" im going in" shouted Gee.
" NO" i screamed. but he was gone.

i opened the door to see Frank unconcious and Mikey sitting looking like he was thinking.
all of a sudden a hand went to my mouth and


Does anyone know the story of this,
i got broken arms and glass bottle bit but i actually dont get it XD

Heres a average convo with this boy at my school,

Yes....For all you Killjoys out there.....Listen to some real music?
Terri Killjoy Way Ermmm, Nope, Im Perfectly Fine Likeing MCR thankyou XD
Cónnór Kémp YOU CAN'T SPELL.
Terri Killjoy Way So What?
Cónnór Kémp fail at life :)
Terri Killjoy Way So do you?
Cónnór Kémp But i admit it...?
Terri Killjoy Way Yeah, so what if i fail at life? Its fun failing XD
Cónnór Kémp're Failing at life by listening to MCR.
Terri Killjoy Way Exactly my point, im enjoying failing at life for that reason?
So Yeah, i have to put up with

For Literally EVerything

i get blamed for everything little jack shit thing going on in the house,
its franking annoying,
i see where they come from as im the young person in the family,
but seriously,
Ughh Im so annoyed

The Only Hope For Me? Part 14

Thanks For Reading Guys,

Sometimes i wish i never walked home. Sometimes i think i never met Gerard. But how can i say that?
As We were fighting Dracs, things seemed to cross my mind about life, Why die with friends when you can die in the arms of someone you love. Gerard looked like he was having fun. i need to be with him. I kept looking around. Everything was a punch and taking masks off.
Gee looked at me, smiled. i smiled back. His smile faded as he pointed behind me,.i looked to see A Drac not looking like he was going to fight me. his eyes were crystal blue.

Well aint i dumb

all my photos have been deleted,
all my MCR photos to, thankfully they were like photos of google,
there are so many,

Things Im Not Ashamed To Like

-Gerard Way
-Frank Iero
-Ray Toro
-Mikey Way

Nuff Said

Not Here :O

ive got £27 at home and £ 23 up here,
i only need a little bit mpre money then its MINE...
okay so im not going to be on today im going to the zoo, get out of this hell hole,
anyway, got my i-pod mcr albums what mopre can you wish for,

i will carry on with my story soon XD xx