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I Finally got This Boy ( he likes MCR older stuff) To Like Danger Days XD he loves Bulletproof heart and today i sang it out loud,
unfortunately he then told me he didnt want his MCR HATER friends to find out about it,
i didnt really care, my mates like MCR but not like me and my friend Sarah XD
He then kept giving me evils,
but he's sweet,
So i think ill let him off XD
im pleased tho i got him likeding DANGER DAYS XD

Im Still Down So I Stole This

Add your name and repost if you want live chat!

Forever Kis$ed
Under Byte
Nitro Nightmare
Amplified Suicide
Alkaline Child
Stardust Specter
the fullmetal killjoy
10. Cherry Bomb
krooked klymene
razorblade disco
marshmallow grenade
Retro Rebel
Ash americana
pyro child
Vinyl Rabbit
Agent Revenge
Lurid Kid
20.White Crayon
Killshot Delirium
Exterminator Cola
Ritalin Raygun
Lethal Toast
Retro Glory
heart eater
Pinky Pain
30. Dirty Birdy
Butane Brat
Jazz Bullets
Tempo Thief
Jett Light
Handguns Galore
Cyanide revenge
Toxic Timebomb

Well, this sucks

Hello Killjoys Of The World
I Am reporting from a very depressing household,
Anyone want to cheer me up...
Comment below please,
i need cheering up fastt
:/ :( DX <3


Well, I Hate where i live, it is full of chavs and is RUBBISH,
they never have anything to do with MCR around here, no one has heard of them and appricates them,
, my mum isnt letting me but the P.P Jacket until " autum" so i can get wear out of i then,
please tell me they will still be in :/
oh well ill but t-shirts XD
I havnt been on here in aes, i dont know why,
ive missed you guys lots,
and now i remember why i appricate my fellow killjoys and the MCRmy xx


I Suppose if i said Killjoys Who Live in Rochester in England Raise you hand there wouldnt be that many but Killjoys Who Live in Rochester in England Raise you hand..
i hate rochester, filled with so many chavs its hard to count and i hate chatham...
Killjoys Who Live in Rochester in England Raise you hand


i havnt blogged in ages.. i havnt blogged my storyy n shizz because life has been getting me donw and i just couldnt face stuff,
So here i am and im kind of happy, P.P jackets are still in right, im getting one at the end of this month, im only wondering as people dont really go on about them as much...
ohh well XD
Nightt nightt
Parade Destroya,

My Uncle

I Love Having An Uncle Who Lives In Japan.
He Teaches Me All The Japanese Stuff and hes and English teacher out there :D he teaches them English whilst teaching me Japanese.
Atm, im doing a course of Manga, i cant draw Manga i just find it fascinating. but i wish My Uncle would meet MCR. he loves their version for SING IT FOR JAPAN.
or maybe i could go out there if they next go over..

anyway... the finale of my fanfic will be up shortly xx


I Love This Song, And It Makes Me Feel Sick When People Say,
"Wernt That When gerard Was On Drugs Or Alchol," or " YOU LISTEN TO THIS EMO MUSIC" yes i admit it Gerard went through some tough times but hes now got a family who cares for him,
and a big one THE MCRmy I feel bad writing this it just annoys me when people judge them from their backgrounds,
have you had this problem?? x

I Was Reading this, and laughedd

Hey guys,

Gerard here... I'm hanging out with Mikey in New Jersey, relaxing, drinking
coffee, talking comics, and getting ready to take a drive down south
tomorrow. I don't know what states I'm passing through but I know where I'm
heading. Don't worry, I've got a the Clockwork Orange audiobook, a Dr.
Pepper air-freshener, and a GPS so I don't get lost. We figured by now
everyone that's a fan of the band might be wondering what we're up to, what
we're planning, so I thought I'd write this letter and fill you all in.

We're living, decompressing- The Black Parade took over two years to tour

The Only Hope For Me? Part 16

Last bit sooon :L

We Left beofre they came to ask questions. Me still holding Alex's hand. i looked at her and stoped. she stopped to.
my hand reached for her cheek.
" When will you turn human?" i asked she smiled and then the paleness left her ceeks, her gold eyes suddenly turning green.
" Shh" she said as she then leaned to kiss me.
" GET A ROOM" shouted Grace and Mikey shouted. Frank had his arm around Josie who was sobbing.
" Im sorry," she said. " Im so sorry Alex, If i didnt bite that man and i didnt try to take Gerard or even meet you this wouldn't of happened"
" Look" said