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So, fanfic?

Again im thinking of creating a fanfic, but i want to make it really good,
So, here is what im thinking about with the girl..

her name is Layla and she is sweet and innocent, she met Gerard and they are about to get married,
Frank really likes her evil twin sister Michelle but Michelle likes Gerard and on the night before the wedding she kisses Gerard. Gerard runs off and Michelle tells Layla everything.. layla runs out to find Gerard knowing it wasnt his fault. but then layla get knocked over by a car.

Layla then has a dream.

Tumblr/ other things

Woahh long time no see,
hello fellow killjoys,
guess whos back with a brand new

so yesh i have a tumblr and i cant work it but i think for afirst try it looks good why dont you look and follow

any ho.
school tomorrow,
i cba to go to sleep,

any way,
tell me what you think on comments if you check the tumblr thing out XD


Im So Proud Of Then

So my parents are finally getting it in their heads that im different,
they realise now that i dont follow the media like Gee says,
they finally get me,

i have also made like a small MCR bit on my bedroom wall, im going to continue adding stuff to it like pictures qoutes and drawings, my friend sarah doing them for me :P
if i get any good pictures i will show you,.

so anyway,
So long and good night this is Parade_Destroya signing off

Woahh long time

Well i havent blogged in a long time :P so lets sum up the days..

so all this week ive had shitty exams and well ive been worried about them quite abit :P
one is amazing, and goes out with this guy in my year, we are so alike and i do believe she is like my actual sis because she tells me everything :P

and now, im listerning to i dont love you, me and my friend Sarah have been sticking by each other because shes a killjoy and that but we still get called Emo everynow ans then, it does get us down but 2 of my non killjoy friends who i lvoe dearly and dont

Golden Fanfic Part 2

i havnt been on here in ages.. Family troubles well they pissed me off :P

what just happned? i said to myself as me and Lucy stood there in the middle of a random room listening to My Chemical Romance play on stage.
Gerards voice ringing around the whole room. Frank Ray and Mikey on the quitars and Michael on the drums. making me wanna dance but to scared to..
then someone tapped me on the shoulder?
" Hello?" i asked to see a man wearing a bulletproof vest..
" I take it your for bulletproof heart aint ya" smirked Lucy. the man wasnt impressed.
" why are you back here?" he asked me.


This really shouldnt of happened,
a killjoy ended her life and now is in the Black Parade Marching..
I Actually cried when i found out and i stayed silent for about an hour not talking and just thinking.
this is really sad news,

Golden ( New fanfic) Part 1

Okay i decided to qrite a new wfanfic, i couldnt think of another name so there you go..

My hair went into my face as i walked to the studio. i couldnt see nothing. I looked around and saw someone sitting down on a chair drawing. i walked up to him.
" Hello?" i asked him. he looked up.
" im Rae and im looking for someone, his names Gerard and im here for a demo?" i asked. he put the notpad down and walked making his hand movement for me to follow him.
he lead me to a room and sat down on a chair.
" So your Rae?" he asked me judging me. he looked at me up and down before handing me a guitar.


So like yesterday i had a BBQ, and for no reason my dad had a go at me,..
he really pissed me off so i began to cry infront of everyone,
i felt like a bitch and abit lamee.
i still feel really bad about it,
he keeps pissin me off :/

Royal Wedding

Kate looks gorgeous, and William looks so smart,
i hope everything works out for them,
David Beckham looked good to ;) <3

My Day at school,

Well i was 1 point away from an A Star in P.E XD
And i made there be a row About MCR being the best in Science,