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Once again-

Please sub guys :£

Hey Guys- Please watch me :D

This video is my kitten sushi, but I also do video's im am going to do one about the MCRmy once my hair is dryed, so then you guys will be in it, if you want a shout out, go for it and comment
-Killjoy name
- user name
- Cats name

its all cool!
Comments-Likes- and Subs- are VERY much apprieciated!

I do youtube videos...

Not that they are amazing, but could you guys watch, subscribe and tell me videos to do? I will stop otherwise because no one is like, watching!! Thanks guysss :D

If you like comment on this, I will shout out your Killjoy name or user name so :D YEY!

I havent beeen on here in ages!!


Anyway... Hi, i havent been here in ages.... Hola :3

We will rock you:D

Guys, a fellow Killjoy ( Aka Me ;D ) is going on stage ( at school) Wednesday and Friday ( well for my main part) Doing We Will Rock You ( or as my school calls it Schools Will Rock You)
Im so nervous, i have to sing I want it all and Crazy little thing called love! Im suppose to pbe playing a boy ( and my girlfriend in it is a close friend of mine, ha result;D) But im shit scared!


this is why i love these people

Well first of all IM SEEING BVB.
my boyfriend got me a ticket as the suport band Reckless loves like his fave band so he got me a ticket for valentines day;)

And well, all the people i hang with finally start to understand me-
No more Mr... Ima pretend to be cool when im not


If you were a rockstar,
You would play:
[x ] Drums
[ ] Backing singer
[ ] Other

You would act:
[ ] Cocky
[ ] Charming
[x ] Dark
[x] Funny
[x] Sexy
[ ]Quiet
[x] Loud
[ ] Camera shy (
[] Serious

You would marry:
[x] Someone you knew before you were famous
[ ] Another celebrity
[ ] A fan
[x]Wait until you find the right person

You would be known for:
[x ] Your appearance
[ ] How well you played
[x] Your personality
[ ] For playing in a really famous band

Which 'one' would you be?

[x ] The adorable one
[] The Sassy one
[ ] The peaceful one
[ ]The quiet one



Okay, so i know it has nothing to do with MCR.. but BVB have to be like my 2nd fave group! and being told you might as well go commit because you are a fan of them but another member of the MCRmy is kind of disgraceful..

i know we all wont like them, i mean, dont get me wrong, there are most prob bands that you guys like, and i dont but i dont say commit because you like them!

But if being from someone whos meant to look out for you, who's in this MCRmy and saying that- i cant believe it T_T


So next week Tuesday Im going Poland with school, we are visiting Auchwits and other War time places!
but the first day there we are going shopping! Im really excited and then when come back of the friday, that saturday Im seeing my boyfriend play in a gig in a pub! Then Half Term!


Okay, it annoys me how everyone disses DD.

I love that album and thats one of the reasons i started listening to them again. i think its a lovely lively album and its colourfl. yeah it was a big change but the change in my opinon was good.
I love all the other albums too, and i love three cheers, but i dont understand whats up with danger days.

Its colourful
its a change from " the emo scene"
the band enjoyed aking it.

its just.