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My video

I was on tumblr a few days back, and this girl with serious depression was getting so much hate for her looks, so i made this...

I hope people realise how much i hate anon hate...

Insert title here

Okay, so this video is a requested video from my friend Harrison (technically we like each other but there is a reason why we wont be together blah blah blah)

ANYWHO... If you guys watch this video, in the description is a reaction video ( which I new all about) of him with my video...

So cause hes just starting out it would be awesome if you watch both videos..
and you will also see why I like him...

I also have done a tumblr accent video :)

See you in the zones
P_D xxoxoxo


Hey chickas and amigos...
you knwo i do videos right...
well it would mean alot if you told me what you woukd want my videos to be like..

- more mcr

and also i wanna do hangouts... would you hang out with me?

Thanks guys :D

Me ahain

I will post my riend video aswell on ere :)_



My new to be video :D

I went out with my boyfriend and family today so i recorded me and Connor being doughnuts, so if any of you watch my video's I will post it later :D

Also, I might start a fanfic about Zombies and im using Killjoys, so maybe it could be the end of the killjoy fanfic... OOOO IDEA!


Helloooo :D

Hai guys, Just thought i would say hello:D

I really havent posted on here in a while, and im thinking of doing a fanfic... but I really am not too sure, any idea's if i do- do (HAHA) one?

Okay- message me or something :D

Thankyou :D

Also remember my lovely Video's! I went on a deleting spree earlier so yeah :D
Thankyou :D

Parade_Destroya <3

My newist video :S

Hey guys, so sorry to bug you again but I videoed again :D

I also done a make up Tutorial which has also been uploaded :D

Watch, sub comment please :d

Thankyou Killjoys :)

The Clash

Any of you like The Clash?

I have grown up with them and I wish I could of seen them- my dad and sister have met Mick Jones and yeah- I have his autograph, no one seems to like them :/

Gangnam style...

I am totally addicted to this song... Oh dear-

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sexy lady!