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Good mood

No idea why, but I'm feeling fairly good at the moment. Still can't wait to hear what the new album is gonna sound like!

For those also holding their breath for the next album, heres an awesome MCR classic :D

Depression will never hurt you

To anyone who is suffering from severe depression.

You need to talk to someone about it. Keeping quiet and hating yourself will gain you nothing. There are better ways to live.

I have a few friends who are overly-depressed and self-obsessed and they disgust me, because they're trying to impress me with it. They probably want to lower me to their limit. Fuck them anyway, positive thinking rules.
That is what I wish everyone would do. Think positively.

Anyway, for those who aren't happy, here's something to cheer you up.

My life according to: My Chemical Romance

Choose an artist, any artist, and use titles of thier songs to answer these questions.

Pick your Artist: My Chemical Romance

Are you male or female?: You Know what they do to GUYS like us in Prison.

Describe yourself: Dead!

How do you feel: I'm Not OK (I Promise)

favourite form of transportation: My Way Home is Through You.

Your best friend is: Helena

What's the weather like?: Early Sunsets over Monroeville

Favorite time of day: Sleep

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?: Give 'em Hell, Kid

What is life to you: This is the Best Day Ever

Your fear: Teenagers

What is

Emos will never hurt you

I was watching the video for Famous Last Words today, a song that features the reassuring ltrics "I am not afraid to keep on living..." etc.
It makes me wonder... why is MCR still classed as emo just because of their image? If I'm correct, emo is intended to make people depressed, but with uplifting and inspiring lyrics like that, surely their music is not really that genre, unless MCR have revisioned the genre (as far as I'm concerned, this is the case and MCR have invented a new offshoot from emo).
I suppose they've only been pushed into this genre because of the dark, bloody imagery of