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Disenchanted (Shut Up and Play) - [Disenchanted Demo]

Hey, check out this live early version of Disenchanted :P



Fashion Statement

Probably my favorite MCR song.

Guess what

favourite movie: War of the Worlds
favourite food: pizza
favourite drink: coca cola
age: 15
come from: United Kingdom
name: Tom
want to be: a journalist
influeneces: H.G. Wells
favourite place: Earth
favourite band: My Chemical Romance
favourite book: The War of the Worlds
favourite colour: black
values: stuff
believes: that humanity will soon become cybernetic warlords and rule the universe
hobbies: drawing, listening music
interests: stuff
hates: Steel Panther
favourite magazine: Kerrang!
i am: part vampire


A - Accent: English (North Yorkshire)
B - Belly size: I have no idea.
C - Chore you hate: Tidying my room.
D - Dream: I usually dream of random movie characters in unusual situations
E - Essential make-up item: O.o
F - Favourite memories: Holidays!
G - Gold or silver: whatever
H - Hometown: What's it to you?
I - Insomnia: too often...
J - Job title: I don't have a job. I'm interested in journalism, though.
K - Kids: Nooooo
L - Living arrangements: House.
M - Musical taste: Rock, alternative, post-hardcore, emo, punk, pop.
N - Number of pets you've had: seven.
O - Overnight hospital stays:

Classic My Chemical Romance Kerrang! interview

In this week's issue of Kerrang!, they've re-posted a 2004 interview with MCR frontman Gerard Way. It focusses on the release of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, but mainly on how Gerard coped with anger and depression at the time. And there is a reeeally psychotic photo of Way. He's there in his Helena outfit, with his youthful face covered with his hair at one side - and blood on the other. In his hand he's holding a cleaver, and it looks like he's sliced his fingernails out (obviously not real, just a pose for K!). He also looks a little pissed off.

Creepy title, awesome song

When I read this title, I couldn't help but think of Aiden's song "I Set My Friends on Fire". The songs actually have no relation :D

Early Sunrise over North Yorkshire

It's 08:15am where I live (N.Yorks, England), and I woke up three quarters of an hour ago reeeeally thirsty. I was thirsty all through the night, but I kept thinking to myself "Ah, I'll get some in the morning". Now it is morning and I'm still fairly thirsty. :P
I don't think I'm feeling very well this morning, b ut it's nothing I can't cope with . Anyway, I'm not sure why I'm broadcasting this to you guys... My head is still waking up. :P

Chavs - The UK's infestation

Sweat-stained tracksuits. Lard instead of hair gel. Fake bling. HIV positive girlfriends.
When I see the vermin known as chavs, I can't help but laugh to myself. The fact that they'll be in jail for twenty years for gang-related crimes if they survive the drug overdose at 17 years old really tickles me.
They're ugly, dirty and worthless. I almost pity the poor animals. :D

Sorry :(

I'm sorry if I offended anyone with that previous blog. I don't intend to hurt anyone, and I don't think depressed people are emos, neither do I think MCR are a massively emo-themed band. Please don't think I don't understand you. :)