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I'm Not Okay (Well, I am Okay really)

The weather is awesome, I am gonna have the best friday ever and everythings just great. It's great that I can talk to you guys about my day :D
I wish you all equal happiness
I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

I'm not Okay (I Promise)

I love this performance, it's so fucking awesome!!!

Favorite MCR stuff

Favorite MCR album and why: I like all their albums the same, but I'm probably tilting toward Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, because it has an awesome aggressive punk sound.

Favorite MCR member and why: Gerard Way, because he has had a big influence on me.

Favorite song: It's not a fashion statemtent, it's a deathwish, because it gradually changes it's sound and offers something new to each change.

Favorite MCR music video and why: Either The Ghost of You, because it closely follows the D-Day scene on Saving Private Ryan and stand with an anti-war stance, or Welcome to the Black Parade

The MCRMY, such a nice community

Since I started my account on this site, I've been met only with very nice and positive people.
You guys are so friendly and awesome :P
Disenchanted from The Black Parade is Dead!


Well, my maths exam I posted about yesterday didn't suck as much as I thought it would. It was going fairly well at first, but then fucked up later.
Oh, well, at least I gave my best try :D
Here's Thank you for the Venom for you guys.

Drowning Lessons... Drowning EXAMS

Grrr I hate revising. I have a crappy maths exam tomorrow and I cannot do maths well at all! lol i suck. I'll be lucky if I get an F!!! Anyway it doesn't bother me too much, because stress is unhealthy and boring. :P
On a related note to high school, here's the awesome video for I'm Not OK (I Promise)
You guys are awesome!!


This song means a lot to me, because I lost my grandmother to cancer earlier this year. This song helped me come to terms with it :)

The World Cup is lame

When I saw my brother shouting at the TV in anger because the USA were slightly better than England on last night's match, it was so lame. It's so sad that people can take a stupid sport so seriously. It's also funny, because I laugh at them as much as I pity them.

Anyway, here's MCR's cover of Astro Zombies :D
All of you guys are awesome :P

Seriously, though. Don't kill your friends.

I love this song!!!
MCR always manage to make my day, even when my days aren't necassarily boring or shitty. I never have bad days, but theres something about MCR that makes good days even better :D!!

Zombie teenagers scare the living shit outta me!!

On an unrelated note, I had a pretty ok day today, usually I can't stand mondays, but despite the average weather, it was pretty good.

So anyway, here's the Untitled Track (known by fans as Stay) from the New Jersey show on TBPID!.