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There's something wonderfully creepy about this video. It backs up the common theory that this album has some ties with Area 51 and some kind of nuclear disaster.fiction. The transmission page's page is also quite awesome. For those who don't know, the blood-stained record is playing another song, and the face picture has the USA national anthem playing. Oh, the wonderful mystery :D

Welcome to the Hurr Durr

ROFL this is a wierd pic of Gerard.

Wake me up when September gives us anything else special

All the good shit is happening this month when it comes to MCR!
MCR finally start giving us clues to the new album, Frank has newborn twins, today is Mikey's birthday and tomorrow is the ninth anniversary of Gerard's early formation of the band. Perhaps tomorrow we'll see something new?
Just a suggestion. If you also think this, please speak up and comment :D

10 facts! (stolen)

Ok, here we go.
1.) MCR are my favorite musicians next to Serj Tankian, Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars and Green Day.
2.) I have a great love for science-fiction stories and bad horror films.
3.) My favorite fictional character is Sherlock Holmes.
4.) I'm in love with someone very special <3
5.) I am in the process of writing a novel.
6.) MCR didn't exactly save my life because I have nothing to worry about, but they helped me progress in it.
7.) I do NOT cut myself or any shit like that. Positive thinking is healthy, and I'm currently very healthy.
8.) I was born in the '90s.
9.) I believe that


Well, I think it's safe to say that our four year wait for MCR's new album is almost over! I've analysed the "transmissions" and studied these clues, and I think have a quite clear vision on what this album will be based upon. Anyway, it's great to see that the site is back up and want to congatulate Frank Iero on the birth of his new twins and hope them all the best.
Thanks :D

My Bad Romance

I've never actually been a fan of Lady Gaga, but I really enjoy all these rock covers.
Bad Romance :D

Been a while

Haven't posted a blog in a while now.
I hope you guys are all well!
Dead! from The Black Parade is Dead!

A very touching song

The Worlds is Ugly, a fairly new MCR song which will supposedly appear on the 4th studio album. I find the lyrics very touching and effective.

Hollywood Undead - Young

I love this song. Just saying.
I'm having a very good day today, and I wish all you guys equal joy.

Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)

Muse's newest single Neutron Star Collision, which appears on the soundtrack of the new Twilight sequel Eclipse.
I think Twilight is kinda lame and it's a little bit unfortunate that Muse has ties with it, but this song is very addictive in a Resistance style.
So, Muse rock, but sparkly, pretty-boy, un-vampire-like vampires certianly don't.