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The Rise and Fall of the Killjoy Rebellion Part 2

Part Two: Our place in the Events of Rebellion; and The Funeral Man
Poison and Kobra had been walking for hours down the desert road. Kobra rested on his companions shoulder, as the burning blisters under his foot left him unable to walk on one foot. Poison had his ruined jacket tied around his waist and his hair tucked behind his ears. Not a word was spoken between the two, save the occasional expression of thirst. They saw on the scorching horizon the shape of a radio station; their headquarters and home to pirate DJ Dr. Death Defying.

They opened the unlocked door and looked inside to see

The Rise and Fall of the Killjoy Rebellion Part 1

Part one of my MCR fan fiction, which will tell a creative twist of the concept of Danger Days.
The Rise and Fall of the Killjoy Rebellion
Part One: Discipline
The desert boiled as usual in the fierce sun, and its ground laid cracked and crisp, neglected by rain for nearly a decade. This is more than can be said for the cacti, which embraced the sun’s gifts and flourished with well-deserved ego.

From the shimmering horizon emerged the image of a white, rusted car which sped to a halt abruptly. From the front seats stood two men in two-piece white suits and featureless white shoes.

Bad at keeping with the times -_-

Sorry if I seem like I have no idea what happens here, but the blogs page has been bombarded with chapters from stories people have made involving My Chemical Romance or the concept of Danger Days, and i'm interested in becoming a part of it.
Can someone tell me what it's about?

Word of advice...

I think we can all agree that Planetary (GO!) is an insanely awesome song which can ease boredom when listening to your iPod in school, but no matter how powerful it pulses through you, that's no excuse for somehow spontaniously writing down all the lyrics and illustrating the paper with Killjoy spiders and MCR banners when you should be concentrating on revising for your English exam.
Yes, it was an odd day xD

Stay positive, killjoys!

Been a while

It's been a long time since I posted a blog on here, so I guess I'd better sum up everything :D
I've recently been through ending a romantic relationship with someone very special to me, but that's not beating me up because, as usual, I look on the bright side of everything! Besides, me anf my former girlfriend are still very close friends and I'm ready to move on.
I saw MCR for the first time at the Manchester Evening News arena in March and they were fucking awesome! The Blackout and Lost Alone were pretty damn intense too.
I just saw MCR's #SINGitforJapan and I was really touched.


Danger Days is gonna be f*ckin great!
Na Na Na, The Only Hope for Me is You, S.I.N.G. and Save Yourself, I'll Hold The Back are all awesome, and I reckon this album is gonna be even better than the previous ones by MCR :D
I've been studying the TRANSMISSIONS quite closely.


It's been a while since I've posted a blog on here........................
well, see ya.

Ever been so happy it hurts?

Because that's how I feel right now!!! :D
She makes me so happy, I love her so much!!!


My Chemical Romance, London, October 21st.
OMG I've just ordered the tickets!!! I'm so excited!
MCR are my no. 1 band and now I get to see them live! And I'm seeing 30 Seconds to Mars in November, but I'm more excited to see MCR in London!!!
I'll see some of you guys there :P

They're back, motherfuckers!!!!

Danger Days is not going to let us down! I like the feel of the music on the trailer, and think that it's a bold move for MCR to avoid the whole 'emo' themes for once to offer us something different, and think the costumes and characters on the trailer are very interesting.
The video itself I found quite similar to the music video for Muse's 'Knights of Cydonia', whic I think is pretty cool too.
I think I can safely say we are all pissing ourselves with excitement.