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The Rise and Fall of the Killjoy Rebellion Part 11 (Final chapter)

Chapter 11: The Kids from Yesterday; The Fall and Rise of the Killjoy Rebellion

The final battle had begun. On the surface, the troops of Hangar 51 were defeated, and the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/ unit was next-to annihilated. The four Killjoys, the now godlike Party Poison, the genetically altered Fun Ghoul and the walking corpses of Jet Star and the Kobra Kid went down the stairs of the entrance to Hangar 51’s main research facility with their laser blades in hand. They were in no rush and felt no panic. They were prepared for what was waiting for them.

Down the maze of corridors they descended.

The Rise and Fall of the Killjoy Rebellion Part 10

Chapter 10: The Gunfight at Hangar 51

Deep in what was once the Nevada Desert, a small army of Draculoids and BLI troops patrolled the gate around BLI’s top research laboratory. This was the place where BLI manufactured all its secrets, laws and medications. This is where they built their Neural Disruptor. This was Hangar 51. And this was the day where everything would change. Newsagogo was escorted safely into the base, while Korse and his henchmen were ordered to protect. They were prepared for a fullscale assault on Hangar 51.

Miles away, in the safety of Dr.

Look what Gerard Way has done to me!

I finally got my hair red, kinda like Gerard Way's hair :D
Tell me what you think :P
Keep smiling, Killjoys x

The Rise and Fall of the Killjoy Rebellion Part 9

Chapter 9: Make no Apology, It’s Death or Victory

In the space of just a few hours, the Killjoys learned the main aim of Better Living Industries, to control the remaining free minds of earth with a Neural Disruptor, a mysterious machine salvaged from advanced technology from an unidentified spacecraft. Party Poison’s sister, the Girl, was rescued from the clutches of Newsagogo, as a chemical in her spirited blood held the key to controlling all corners of the Rebellion.

The Rise and Fall of the Killjoy Rebellion Part 8

Chapter 8: Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back – Fun Ghoul’s Last Stand?

Deep in the desert wilderness of Zone 6, the Desert Spider drove over a field of cracked dirt, avoiding the roads as the Draculoids would expect. It was a cold, dark night in the desert. The surviving Killjoys, Party Poison, the Fun Ghoul and the Girl drifted softly, believing themselves to have escaped watch of their enemies.

The Rise and Fall of the Killjoy Rebellion Part 7

Chapter 7: Hide your body from the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/ ; Vultures

Back in Battery City, Newsagogo stepped through the corridors packed with the corpses of dead Draculoids, courtesy of the Killjoys’ mission to save the Girl. She brushed her silky black hair behind her ears as her pretty eyes scanned the dead. Her attractive bare legs stepped over the bodies as she looked for her most trusted associate, Korse.

It was a commonly unknown fact that Newsagogo was as beautiful as she was.

The Rise and Fall of the Killjoy Rebellion Part 6

Chapter 6: How Jet Star and the Kobra Kid met their end.

The Killjoys drove on through the motorway, having drawn a carpet over the front to avoid the suspicion of any passing B.L.I. troops. The Kobra Kid wiped sweat from his brow and noticed ahead of him on the road some flashing lights. He continued onward to find that there was a gridlock in effect. Still silhouettes inside each vehicle sat in silence and work signs flashed orange security lights above them.

“The traffic doesn’t look to be moving,” Kobra noticed.

The Rise and Fall of the Killjoy Rebellion Part 5

Chapter 5: I’m the only friend that makes you cry, You’re a heart attack in black hair dye; Three Cheers.

Night had fallen on Battery City. The Killjoys knew that the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/ unit would expect them to take the tunnel out of the city, so the Fun Ghoul suggested an alternative route that would take them through the outskirts. The street lights were on, but no one was out.

The Rise and Fall of the Killjoy Rebellion Part 4

Chapter 4: They’re gonna Kill what Tomorrow Needs.

In Battery City, a long traffic tunnel stood silently with large screens delivering B.L.I. propaganda to passers-by, if any. There was clear subliminal messages like “We can fix you” and “Building a Better You”. Two masked B.L.I. officers sat in a traffic booth in the middle of the tunnel, reading newspapers silently. The sound of an accelerating car attracted their attention to the end of the tunnel pointing outside the city. The officers gave clear signals to stop the drivers, but on further inspection they reached for their rifles.

The car

The Rise and Fall of the Killjoy Rebellion part 3

Chapter 3: A Day in the Life of the Fabulous Killjoys; and The Certain Death

Party Poison shook off the spooked reaction of his encounter with the ghostly incarnation of himself and retired to his bed. He had a long day and fell onto the crooked, decayed bad. The beatings he received on his back forced him to spend the night laying on his front. In his dreams, Poison suffered terrible phantoms. He relived the entire day, from meeting up with his old friend Cherri Cola, to Cola’s abduction and presumed imprisonment, to the horrific attack on himself and Kobra Kid by the two Dracs.