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I don't know what is going on...

My grandma was crying the whole time through dinner... i wanted to ask her what was wrong but she stopped crying and i don't think it will be smart to bring it back up.. i hope she's ok.

Days in the Desert (12)

Miss #11? Here's the link:

The next morning i woke up, my head was blaring, light was way to much for my eyes, i closed them immediately. "Hang over." i heard next to me. all i could do is moan in agony "i know. if you drank coffee.." Party said next to me putting the coffee near my face. i took a whiff and i turned my head puking all over the floor.


ok, so i'm helping out a friend, if you want more information or anything contact me or her, or go here! it's going to get to MCR so please submit and stuff!! her twitter:!/DeadlyJacWalker my twitter:!/Toastylovesu

Days in the Desert (11)

Miss 10? Here's the link:

"Shit" I heard Kobra say next to me.

i don't wanna!

so i'm procrastinating on my math homework.. i checked this, and my FB, now i'm procrastinating even more by writing this useless blog. how is everyone tonight.. i'm pay you to do my homework lol jkjk!

Days in the Desert (10)

Miss #10? Here's the link:

The door busted in, three wild looking kids coming in. "Help!" The first one yelled going behind the table "calm down!" The second one said shaking his head but joining the first. The third one just stood in the door way looking out "what the hell?" Party said grabbing the two behind him "they found us, they.... they followed us!" The kid said. he couldn't be more than thirteen. "you are talking about BLI, right?" I asked.

had some fun with my pills...

hope you like :)


ok, so anyone that lives in Pendleton Oregon looks at September NOT because of school, but because of ROUND-UP! Main street is blocked off because of vendors, the roundup grounds are surrounded by people and the biggest carnival of the year comes taking BOTH of our big parking lots. it's when people get drunk and kids get toys, it's where teens get in trouble and have a lot of fun. it's where our economy flourishes, and the pay is better. it's where our street performers get a stage and a chance to live their dream. but it also attracts stupid drivers and people.

the pic is of me ready to go

All of my other accounts...

i think my FB and Twitter and Tumblr, and VR and a whole bunch of other things are feeling left out.. i better go check them.. i just checked my email and i had 1968 messages... fml