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Days in the Desert (16)

Missed #15?? Here's the link:
The next morning i was woke up by a knock at my bedroom door. It slowly opened to a smiling group of guys walking in to my room. In Ghouls hands was a bowl of cereal. "Hi" I smiled sleepily "Hey sunshine" Ghoul said handing me the cereal and climbing into the empty space of the bed. Party joined next sitting my my feet, Kobra next to him an Jet pushing Ghoul over to sit. All were on except for Saint.


We need to grow up and be the better people!! yes, we have haters and yes they are gonna HATE! but shrug it off.. the Bieberbelievers are just like us WE NEED TO GET OVER IT.. am i a fan of Bieber? NO, but can i smile and say i respect you for not liking the same kind of music as me? YES let them hate. be nice. KILL THEM WITH DELICIOUSNESS!!!-- Gerard. Stop acting like children guys. WE like MCR and they like Bieber.. we don't have to fight. it's like fighting over coffee and tea.. NO POINT!

Sorry about the rant but please let's not fight anymore.

~Scattered Bullet


I got paid today you know what that means?? MCR MERCH TIME!!!


Put your iPod on shuffle and see what song comes on for each category(: And....... BEGIN!:

1. If I had a band it'd be called: This is how it goes down-- P!nk

2. When I die, my headstone will say: Look alive sunshine --MCR

3. At my wedding, in my vows I will say: By my side -- 3 Doors Down

4. If I could kill someone, I would kill them with: Gives you hell-- All American Rejects

5. When my boyfriend makes me mad I tell him: Wounded -- Little Big Town

6. When I party I like to: Summertime -- MCR

7. When people send me annoying forwards, I scream: Dance in the Dark --Lady Gaga

8. When I go out,

Sorry guys emotional rant time.

*Photos: Before, During, After*

Ok, well i feel like it's time for an emotional rant about my mom. i'm sorry if this isn't what you want to read when you come on here, but i was watching Gerard BEFORE he was sober.. he reminds me alot of my mom. She did drugs and drank, she became the child. i had to take care of her and her jack ass boyfriend while they were tweaking out. There was no one there for us. i thought i was watching my mother die in front of me. and infact i was. She got Hepatitis C from a contaminated needle, she didn't care, it was drugs in her system.

Days in the Desert (15)

Miss #14? here's the link:

The gun fired. I heard someone hit the ground. my eyes were closed. I felt a tug on the line of hands and instantly started bawling. "Scat, it's OK" Party said next to me tears in his voice. More and more shots went off and the whole line fell. I was pulled to the ground but I didn't feel any pain. maybe it was a head shot and i'm already dead. I tried to talk but couldn't form words.

Thanks for reading, we have an EMERGENCY!!! Jac Walker is doing a scrapbook for MCR and she's about to SCRAP IT!!! we can't let this happen! she need submissions.. not promises of submissions but SUBMISSIONS!!! please help!!! re-blogg re-post AND SUBMIT!!!! for the fate of the scrapbook. (also she makes AWESOME bracelets check them out on her twitter:!/DeadlyJacWalker/media/slideshow? )


<3 for always

~Scattered Bullet.


My back ground on my computer is a whole bunch of funny MCR pics, and i'm trying to do my homework.. all i see is MCR staring back at me. it's distracting.. but one distraction i don't mind. (i'm blogging from behind a PILE of homework.. harder than i thought.)


i was gonna post more on my fanfic tonight but i am gonna go babysit for a friend and she doesn't have any internet. TOMORROW I WILL POST A VERY LONG SUSPENSEFUL ONE!!! i love you all!!! thanks for reading. if you haven't read my fanfic and want to start from the beginning. I CHECK THE COMMENTS REGULARLY. so don't be afraid to post feedback. here is the link to #1:

love always,

~Scattered Bullet