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Days in the Desert (23)

Miss #22? Here's the link:

The door closed behind him and the little sobs became bigger, i haven't cried like this since i lost my family. now i'm gonna have a baby. i have a new family but a baby.. in this day and age? how was i supposed to keep it safe? I couldn't even take care of Dessey. That woman hurt my Dessey, no doubt she'll hurt this baby. "hey" Party said coming in and sitting next to me "hi" I said. my voice cracking.

It is nice to know that Ray has crazy stalker fans too!!

I was on tumblr and it made me smile to see crazy stalker fans for Ray.. he never has any it's always, Bob, Gerard, Frank and Mikey.. never Ray.. GOOD JOB RAY!!! YOU GOT STALKERS!!!

Days in the Desert (22)

miss #21? Here's the link:

Party started getting nervous. "we know why you are gaining weight" He said looking to the side "cuz i'm fat?" I pouted "no, um.. it's because..." He said not knowing how to say it without getting her mad. These mood swings were psycho.


ok, so in my health class today this chick FREAKING AWESOME BTW was like "yea, i met MCR" i was like "you mean you seen them in concert" and she was like "no, i met them, all of them back stage of warped tour, my friend like DOES warped tour.. i can take you next year.." I THINK I DIED!!! i couldn't get my mouth to close!!! i just yelled "HELL YES!!" Not without a few laughs and looks but what ev.... I'M SO EXCITED!!! it's probrally not gonna happen but i can keep my hopes up!!! MCR HAS TO DO WARPED TOUR NEXT YEAR NMW!

Days in the Desert (21)

Miss #20?? here's the link:

"That's not possible." Party said, no emotion in his face "I didn't have sex with her" Kobra said "me either" Jet said "Don't look at me" Ghoul said putting his hands up "me either" Party said looking towards Saint "no.. deffinately not" Saint said chuckling "there's only one other possibility" Party said frowning and looking towards the ground "BLI" Kobra said punching the wall.

Days in the Dessert (20)

DID YOU MISS #19???? HERE'S THE LINK!!!!!! (the numbers don't add together, so if it's Three weeks later it's from when she was rescued)

Kobra went for a walk. He had to do something. if no one was with him on this then he would do it himself. But that is a suicide mission, infiltrate BLI just to kill someone that has hurt someone you love? that would be ridiculous. But she was just a baby. barely able to dress herself, how could BLI just shoot her?

Days in the Desert (19)

Miss #18? Here's the link:

I felt like i was flying. Then i realized i was just being carried into the house. I looked up to see a smiling Ghoul. "Wake up sunshine" He said entering the house and carrying me all the way to my bed. I felt relieved the second i hit the soft comfortable bed. "hey Peaches" Saint said walking in with a blanket. Covering me up he opened his mouth to talk. "No need to apologise" I smiled. He just looked down and grinned.

Days in the Desert (18)

Miss 17?? Here's the link:

The trip was long but the guys finally got to the main headquarters. Of course after an ambush or two on their way, they were dressed in Drac gear. They entered the back with no problem, walking, their car was too dirty to get away as BLI agents. They showed their fake passes and entered the back door and headed towards the heart of the building.

Days in the Desert (17)

Miss #16?? Here's the link:
Kobra rounded the corner to the house, something was misplaced but he couldn't figure it out. it just felt wrong. He kept walking into the house. "Scat?" He said walking through the house to check on her "Scat??" He said again, finally noticing the little piece of paper on the counter.

'If you want her back, sacrifice yourself.'

With Smiles,


so our school does and anual mud wars and i always sign up it's us girls in a pit of mud dressed up funny playing some tug of war.. so usually juniors and seniors get COOL COLORS!! i'm a junior and i got white.. i FUCKING FRESHMAN COLOR!! i'm PISSED! I'TS OK I'M GONNA ROCK IT!! I'M STILL PISSED!!

~Scattered Bullet

P.S. i will post pics ;)