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Days in the Desert (29)

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"shhh" Sigh heard behind her. She turned around to see the woman. up against the wall. "give me the gun sweet heart. i won't hurt you" She said. something was wrong with her smile. it was almost mechanic "no. i was told to protect you and i will." Sigh replied looking back at the door. "no, it's ok sweet heart, i know how to use it." She said reaching out. "no." Sigh said. she saw a movement in the corner.

Days in the Desert (28)

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"god dammit!" I yelled grabbing my gun and sitting Sigh down at the table. "mom. you cussed." She said shaking "i'm sorry honey, i'm just upset." I said grabbing a chair and sitting in front of her "is he going to be OK?" Sigh asked still trembling. "yes, he will be, all of the guys are going to find him." I smiled, motioning for her to sit on my lap "and so will you, i won't let anything happen to you guys" I smiled.

Days in the Desert (27)

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"What happened?" I said getting off of the bed. pain everywhere. "The babies.. we don't know what to do!" Party said still in a frenzy "OK, calm down and help me get to them" I said, grabbing some sweat pants and putting them on. "alright" Party said helping her to the hall. There was a mess EVERYWHERE!

Got suspended.

I got suspended from work for a week.. bad me :/

Homecoming horrible.

not posting pics.. not talking about it. just disappointed. only one good dance, and that was the last one. with one of my best guy friend.The guy i wanted to dance with didn't come. work tomorrow. i should be over it by then.


I have homecoming tonight.. Vegas themed.. i'll post pics.. REALLY EXCITED!!

Days in the Desert (26)

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(Broken Sigh and Twisted Sun)
"Regular names first" I said, the guys looking deep in thought "Hannah?" Kobra asked "Natalie" Jet pitched in "Zoey" Kobra said "Anna Marie" Saint said "yes, i love them all but... Anna Marie is perfect" She said smiling and handing the baby to Saint "now for this tough guy" I smiled pulling the blanket under his chin.


I got the first Umbrella Academy TODAY! LIKE JUST NOW!! it's perfect.. i'm totally excited!!! it smells like NEW BOOK!!! love that smell!!

Days in the Desert (25)


The pain was intense, but nothing like the first one. Ghoul took a deep breath and went back to the end of the bed. "I SEE A HEAD!" He yelled everyone gasped. "Crap!" Kobra said dashing out of the room with the other baby. He walked in shortly after and gingerly handed it to Saint, then dashed out again. "ok. Push" Party said breathing like he was in labor. I screamed in agony as i pushed. it just wasn't coming out!

Days in the Desert (24)

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~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~> (A/N! very graphic, not for the week of hearts... or stomachs... and long :)

~32 weeks later~

"ugh. stop moving...DAMN IT!" Scat yelled looking at the spreading wetness of the only pants she can wear now. "what happened?" Ghoul said running in to the room.