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Days in the Desert (33) Kobra

Miss #32? Here's the link:
"Wake up" A voice said from right beside Kobra, then a sharp electrical pain went through his body, the scream that came out of his mouth was almost far away. More pain swept over him. "well, hello Sleeping beauty." The man said next to him. prodding him again with the long pole.

Sorry for the procrastination guys..

I will post a new chapter later. i don't think even my story would like me right now. please just have some patience. love always

~Scattered Bullet.

Days in the Desert (32)

Miss #31? Here's the link:
she fell asleep, moments later her eyes fluttered open and she grasped onto Ghoul "uncle Ghoul i was so scared!" She said clutching on to him like he was the last thing on earth, her eyes dashed up and saw me, she jumped off of his lap and landed hungrily into my arms. "mommy!" She said, Her face was getting blotchy, just like me when i cry. i couldn't help but smile "hi honey, i'm here baby, i'm.." I said hearing something behind me.

Got some weird looks :)

I was just in walmart and i was going through the halloween makeup that was on sale, i spent quite a bit on it, when i got to the checkstand the lady was like "wow. saving it for next halloween?" and i was like " no, i use alot of Halloween makeup.. for everyday.." some of the people walking by gave me the -__- face.. lol yea.. so.. anyone else get this problem?

Days in the Desert (31)

Miss #30? Here's the link:

"yes." She said eyes getting innocently wide "you don't want me?" She said getting angry "you never wanted me" She said crying "I did. but they took you from me, i mourned for a very long time. you told me that i could let go" I said trying to calm her "let go.

Happy Iroween :)

Dressed as Jessica from True Blood :) good day all together.

Days in the Desert (30)

Miss #29? Here's the link:

"No." Party said a tear escaping his eye "what..." Ghoul said walking towards him. seeing the dead woman and the tear he got defensive "we told her to kill" Ghoul said taking the gun from Sigh "no, she saw Dessey.. can see Dessey" Party said emotionless "shit" Ghoul said calling on the others "what's going on" I said walking in to see the emotionless Party, my daughter, a dead woman. Ghoul looking scared and my awakening son.

Killjoy jacket

the last one was just for fun :)

ugh so complicated.. please help!

Alright.. so i lied.. ish.. i said i don't date in HS but if this guy asks me out i will say yes.. but i personally don't think he will.. he has anyone in the HS that would die to go out with him and he chooses me? I DON'T THINK SO! but here's my dilemma. all of my family are saying that he likes me.. we went and bowled.. not on a date... just to.. bowl. (he's really good!) and after that he hasn't texted me back.. it's weird.. has he lost interest? have I? no. i haven't, every time i hear his name or get teased about him i still can't breathe and i can't stop smiling. god.


Ok, so i kinda like him, BUT i don't date in high school.. no time. but he is sending mixed messages. and so am I. i know it. but I kinda told him i like him.. and he's said he doesn't like anyone at the school. so that means me right? (not at the same time, he said it first) ugh. this is EXACTLY why i don't date in high school. so complicated. FML!

advice is welcome. but i'm not going to tell him i like him.

P.S. he invited me to his BBQ but i think it's because he wants to try and get me drunk. (not going to happen) My bro might go, so i might.. idk. i doubt it. it's just so.. right.