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Desert Instinct (1)

New Fanfic: second part of Days in the Desert :) didn't get the last chapter? #38:
or starting from the beginning?

"Shut up Twisted I know what i'm doing" Sigh said rubbing the sticks together again. "nine years and you are still a complete bitch" Twisted said running his hands through his hair and sighing "really?


Um is the background flashing on anyone else?? what is going on???

Days in the Desert (38) Scat

Miss #37? Here's the link:

"hello my love" Roger said walking in and stroking my face. I tried to bite his fingers off. He looked amused which just made me madder. "oh, your a puppy dog? bad puppy!" He said hitting me. A rebel tear fell across my cheek and he smiled "where's our children?" He said. My face fell.. "our children?" I said wanting to smack him across the face "yes, but after today.. my children" He said inching closer.

Days in the Desert (37) Saint

miss #36? Here's the link:
"oh, i haven't met you yet." Roger said immediately sitting down across from Saint "you are not one of the "fabulous killjoys" are you?" Roger said hoping to get under his nerves "i'm new" Saint said almost growling "oh, and the woman?

Days in the Desert (36) Party

Miss #35? Here's the link:

"Roger" He heard outside the door "yes sir" Roger said sounding tired and remorseful "take some pills" The voice said "ok" Roger said "but may i ask why?" the sound of a water fountain from the hall is heard "we need to keep ourselves cool and collected when in interrogation, you i fear, almost cracked, but i will give you one more chance, you have done so well with the other killings, now you only have three more to go, now,

Mcr and school..

So me and my friend both love MCR and she really loves Doctor Who, so today in class she said that we need to get nicknames for these two guys we used to like. she said "mine is David Tennant, because i love David Tennant, so following suit i said "mine will be Gerard :)" i didn't think that through.. my "friend" pissed me off and so i went to the friend that loves DW and was like "Gerard can go fall off of a fucking cliff..." and of course i meant my "friend" but she was like "doesn't that hurt you?

Days in the Desert (35) Ghoul

Miss #34? Here's the link:
"Hello Ghoul. it's nice to see you again" The man said coming in and directly sitting down. "Roger" Ghoul said with a fake respect, that was apparent that he had no respect towards the Drac in any way. "oh, i always quite enjoyed your company, there was always this... fierce... sarcasm. i like sarcasm myself. but this time i would really appreciate it if you would just cooperate.

You know what..

There is no such thing as love. i have determined this a long time ago. there is Like, Lust, and Lies... the three L's that make up "Love" fuck that. no, there is such a thing as love. a mother and a child. that is love. partners... no. humans MATE. we are animals. we fuck. have kids. either like the person we had kids with and live content fully.. or we divorce and break up or WTFE. no such thing as love. so.. i've never been "in love" and i don't plan on it. Love is a joke.

~"LOVE" Scattered Bullet :)

I cut myself.

At work today, i cut my finger on the Tomato slicer.. i'm not a whoosy kind of person.. BUT i almost passed out..i watched it bleed and was fine.. but then my boss touched it and i thought i was going to give her my dinner.... ugh.

Days in the Desert (34) Jet


The door opened. a man entered, with a chain. "now, are you gonna cooperate or am i going to have to... well let's just say your friend didn't cooperate" He said getting a huge smile on his face.