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Broken Walls

Walls built long ago
to show my starving soul,
guards stood side by side
on the steep walls,
ready to fight and defend
never to let go.
Pain the enemy
regret and fear
anger the warrior
grinning from ear to ear
my heart, the lady to protect
and my soul too scared to show
the enemy has broke the walls
and let the sun shine through,
the shadows fleeing with quick haste
leaving me to you.


Your smile is like acid
burning through my mind
tearing through my heart
like it's yours not mine
maybe it's just that
my heart belongs to you
i try to wash the acid out
i don't know what to

Desert instinct (5)

Miss #4? :

"We're ready." Twisted said loading up into the car. "Ok, good. i'll take Sigh's car and you guys follow me, it'll be a few minutes i'm not done recording in my notebook. i'll honk when i'm ready" Shadows said jumping in.

"Fine, tell me what you are really feeling. What is wrong?" Sigh said sliding into the car and grabbed the keys.


Have you ever puked out of your nose? it really freaking hurts. all i did yesterday was sleep and listen to MCR.... still recovering... still not feeling good. urg.

sick but bored.

Natural Hair Color:
[ ]Redhead – $80
[X]Brunette – $75
[ ]Blonde – $50
[ ]Black – $15
[ ]Bald – $5
[ ]other-$0
Total So Far: $75

Eye Color:
[ X]Blue – $100
[ X]Green – $75
[]Brown – $50
[ ]Hazel – $25
[ ]Other – $15
Total So Far: $250

[ ]Over 7′ – $200
[ ]6’8? to 7′ – $175
[ ]6’0? to 6’7? – $150
[ ]5’5? to 5’11? – $75
[x]5’0? to 5’4? – $45
[ ]Under 5′ – $25
Total So Far: $295

[ ]30 to 40 – $100
[ ]25 to 30 – $75
[ ]20 to 25 – $50
[ ]18 to 20 – $25
[x]0 to 18 – $15
Total So Far: $

Current Education:
[ ]PhD – $500
[ ]Masters – $450
[ ]Business Owner – $800
[ ]Bachelors – $400

Hey guys.

I love every single one of you. You guys make it awesome to wake up in the morning and go on living. The fighting will happen we all have a fight in us that makes us Killjoys. But it's time to reunite! Let's be Killjoy(S)! not just a singular Killjoy. We can do it, we are family. i love you guys!

~Scattered Bullet!

Desert Instinct (4)

Miss #3?

"Wake up" Sigh said huddled next to Twisted "what?" Twisted irritably whispered back "we have been found, they are circling the hut, we didn't leave fast enough" She said trying not to cry. "ok, shhhh be very quiet, do you have your gun?" Twisted said grabbing his "yea." She replied by grabbing it out of her belt and waving it. "ok.

Blood red romance

The rush of just picking it up, the secret of it all. The metal in my fingers. I grip it tightly, roll up my sleeve and stare at the scars. So many tears, so much blood. I take a deep breath. Exhale while i bring it across my skin. The pain erupts from the self-inflicted wound. I can’t breathe, the blood starts to pool, i wipe it away watching it run and smudge. I take another breath. A little deeper now, maybe the blood and pain will kill the pain of him. A rebel tear escapes my eye, I reach up with my bloodied finger and wipe it away.

Desert Instinct (3)

Miss #2?

"SIGH!" Twisted screamed running over to her. She wasn't bleeding. He took her into the shack and put a blanket on her, he went back outside, his gun up the whole time. He picked up the book and went back inside to check on Sigh. "Twisted?" Sigh said, Her Big blue eyes fluttering open. "Yea, you scared me lil' sis" Twisted said propping her up. "I scared you? you shot at me.." Sigh said looking at him with the 'are you kidding me' look on her face "no.

Desert Instinct (2)

Miss #1?

"Should we start practice?" Sigh said putting on the black and yellow shirt, Kobra's. then she slipped on the black jacket with the spider on the back, Jet's. She then grabbed the Light blue pants, from the contents of the pockets she found when they first went back she guessed it was Party's, and they were the only ones that fit her. She grabbed her mom's boots, holding them for a second before slipping them on.

So.. i think i got fired..

ok, so on Sunday we practically rushed all night, then i had to clean like half of the store cuz that's what you do when you close lobby.. well.. i kept being stopped.. someone would come in, i had to sit in the office while a till was being counted... i would get into a conversation.. something would come up.