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Days in the Desert (1)

"RUN!!!" I heard someone yell behind me. I turn around and see four crazy looking guys coming at me ray guns pointed behind them. "what?" I said barely jumping out of the way of the ray coming at me. "what the hell?" I said grabbing my gun and pointing at them, then i saw the ARMY of Dracs behind them "goddamn it! just as i get settled and my garden starts to grow" i said starting to shoot at the dracs. "no time!!" one of the guys said passing me and grabbing my arm, he didn't even stop running. i almost dropped my gun.


I work at wendys and i feel like i'm cheating on it with know when you are married to your work!! ahaha but you just get so tired of Wendys!!!


It's not my outline but i colored them.. and i have two more that i'm gonna post on another blog later.... hope you like (the writing on them says "Scattered Bullet") enjoy..


Gonna walk to work with a broken shoe, and get my paycheck.... i'll post a pic of what i look like today,... the only thing missing?? a ray gun and some patches.... which i'll have soon!!!!

some days...

so i went to work today and cleaned every little tiny thing i could find.... and i tended to customers.. i messed up like once.. which is like amazing for me.... the "BIG BOSS" is going in tomorrow.. i better not have ANY complaints because i worked my A** off!!!


had some strawberry waffels for dinner... nummy!!! gonna color my ray gun.... not a real one because they won't restalk them!!! :( but i will post pics of it!!!!! <3 night!!

~Scattered Bullet

Killjoy name..

I've been thinking about it... i have NO clue. if i got some suggestions i might be able to create one... i think that it's one of those things that needs to come from the heart.... but i need inspiration. some help PLEASE!!! :)



So there are alot of rumors going around work about me. all of them spread by someone i TRUSTED! they are all untrue and is just making my life a living hell! i just want to escape into the world of killjoy! here are some of the untrue rumors: i'm depressed, suicidal, cutting, on the edge, can crack at anytime. first off i'm not depressed or suicidal.. actually the very opposite, and i'm against cutting, i don't see the point, i'm not on the edge or about to crack either i'm happy, why can't people let me be happy??? especially this person! she should be happy that i'm finally happy!


School time already.. i've spend my whole summer working so i don't feel like i should go back to school yet lol. oh well the inevitable will come, I'M A JUNIOR!! that to me is really exciting!! next year Senior and then College. well, Trade school. i'm excited and dreading this all in one feeling, it is unstable. i feel like i'm about to burst with excitment/nervousness. i know i've gone to High School for two years but it feels like freshman year each time i go back. i'm just nervous about my friends what if they have changed over the summer and i don't like who they have become?


UGH!! my cousin's spreading stupid rumors about me! she said i was suicidal.. i am not even close to suicidal! i love my life!!!! she's such a drama queen! some people make me so mad! oh well, i cleared it up.. next time she better lie better.....