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I'm so mad i might kill someone.

I got my Ipod stolen today, and if i find the person that stole it i'm going to jail. I'm so pissed. do you know if the Touch's have tracking devices in them? i know that people think it's over kill, but that was a whole paycheck and it's a huge deal to me. i'm terribly upset and they better find it before i do because i will hurt someone.

Desert instinct (12)

Miss #11?

"i said i want to be a killjoy again" She replied looking like she was about to fling int Kobra's arms. "when? who.. what" Sigh said stepping towards Lilith. "years ago, i was Street Heart. Korse captured me and he gave me the option to join or die, I was to scared to die, i was a horrible Killjoy, but i hate it here.

Desert Instinct (11)

miss #11?

"Twisted... what an interesting name. what's the rest of it?" Lilith said starting to untie his feet "why" Twisted retaliated "i'm curious" Lilith said raising her eye brow "oh, and if you kick me or hit me i will kill you, it will be a shame to let a perfectly good sperm donor go, but i don't like getting hit." Lilith said smiling "a what?

Desert instinct (10)

Miss #9:

"Damien" A man's voice whispered "Twisted" It whispered again "wake up, but be very quiet" It said closer now. Twisted's eyes shot open, he was about to move but realized he was tied down. He started to struggle "stop, shhh" He said touching Twisted's arm "don't touch me, who are you? how do i.." Twisted said getting cut off "shhh, you will get us caught. Kobra" He said making Twisted look at him "no. Kobra's dead. everyone's dead. where's my sister?

Desert instinct (9)

miss #8?
Don't mean too much to me
I'm who I've got to be
These pigs are after me,
After you"
The familiar voice sang. it made her miss home. she chimed in.

"Run away,
Like it was yesterday
And we could run away
If we could run away,
Run away from here"
She finished before she realized he was just looking at her, tears in his eyes. "are we alone?" Sigh whispered "yes." He said. he stood up and just looked at her

"uncle Kobra" Sigh whispered.

Desert instinct (8)

"no!" Sigh screamed jumping out of the van, then everything went black. "she better not be dead" Lilith said glaring at the Drac, who just nodded and dragged Sigh back into the van. A shot rang out into the empty desert. "i said don't kill him!" Lilith said jogging towards Twisted. "we didn't my lady, we just took out his leg.

I literally don't give a shit anymore. i'm done.

Ok, so my best friend came up to me yesterday and was like "we can't be friends" and i asked "why.." and he totally came up with this B.S. excuse for not being my friend.. so what ever and so the next time i see him he like does this face he does every time i see him and i had to refrain from like turning around and walking with him like i always do, he knows i saw him but i tried to ignore him. so today i didn't see him all day but at lunch there he was. at our table, i talked to Megan the whole time and ignored him like he was me.

Desert Instinct (7)


"Twisted, i don't like this." Sigh said looking around the car "losing your nerve already?" Twisted replied grinning "no, it just feels wrong." She said gasping at the white cars coming at them "fuck! BLI!" Twisted said slamming on the brakes "wait, we have to help shadows!" Sigh said pointing at the car in front of them being surrounded "fine." Twisted said gunning it and riding towards them. Shadows stepped out and put her hands up.


are the names of the FFA bunnies i am taking care of :) they are practically mine i just can't take them home.... cuz of my grandma or they would totally be here! i named them that cuz the boy was gonna be Gerard anyways and we are breeding them... so i was like 'let's make it his wife' so it's Lyn-z :)

Desert instinct (6)

miss #5?

"i didn't know" Sigh sigh said, looking down as Twisted wiped the tear of her face. "i didn't let you. Anna, i'm your brother, i'm the guy, the strong one, the one that kicks ass when need be. you aren't supposed to know how i really feel you are supposed to be the one that shares the feelings and stuff.. i'm no good at it." Twisted said "you called me Anna." Sigh said looking at her brother in disbelief. "sorry Sigh.