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Oh how you guys have helped me grow.

This site has not only helped me grow as a writer (started me on my first fic) but as a community member. You guys have given me the drive to want to be part of the MCR family. I will always be here for anyone that needs it, I will always remember the first people I had talked to and the people I had gotten to join the Fandomily, The person I have become is so much different than the person I started out being. I am more mature and respectful, I listen before commenting and I put music before all. The MCR Fandomily is the best Fandomily in the world!

Love and Other Lies,

Tiffany Murray

ok so its not new stuff but its still going to be awesome!

I'm so freaking excited about the new album, it might not be new stuff but we are still getting some stuff! I'm so happy that I found this band and that they didn't break up right after I found them, I have to go to one of their concerts before I die and I found them at the end of the tour so I really hope I didn't miss it. I have met some amazing people on this site and on many others concerning MCR and they will be lifelong friends. I really hope that the MCRevolution keeps on going :-)


I am literally shaking right now!!! and fangirling!!! and DYING! I'm so excited!


I jump on here to check my blog since I haven't done it in a while and start FREAKING out because there are new posts from the band.... LIKE MIKEY! then I look at the dates and realize those are from TWO years ago...... uhhhh WTF? So I decide to hop onto my account only to realize IT IS ALL GONE!! so... either something went wrong or they are planning something... anyone else hear they are releasing an album next month?? i'm hoping it's not a RUMOR! (see what I did there..... funny.) Because I heard a Rumor that I may just fangirl to death if they do.


guys.. we are losing BY THE SECOND!! get your clicking fingers working we need to WIN THIS!!!!! GET CLICKING!!!!

Desert Instinct (17)

Miss #16?

They finally reached the House. No one was there, it was dusty and old looking. kind of dilapidated, but livable. Sigh jumped out of the car after bringing it to a stop, she went to the door and nudged it open, she immediately knew no one has been in the house since the night of the runaway/kidnapping. She broke down into tears and rushed in to the house. Taking a look around. The food in the bowls have been there for eight years. It was just like they left it, only a bit dusty and sad.

Desert Instinct (16)

Miss #15?

Sigh slowly walked back to the hut, contemplating what Ghoul just told her. 'who will i lose? what did he mean i will know? damn philosophical talking Ghoul.' She thought, the hut coming into view. She saw two unknown cars, she ducked behind a bolder and pulled out her gun. "HEY! WHO'S THERE?" She yelled suspicious

"Sigh! it's ok!" She heard Twisted yell back

"How do i know they aren't making you say that?" She said still behind the bolder, gun drawn.


Desert instinct (15)

miss #14?

"now we fight" Street said putting her head up proud "no, now we plan to fight" Kobra said raising his eyebrow and motioning for her to sit down "ok, same diff" She said grabbing the seat.

Desert Instinct (14)

Miss 13?

They reached the hut and jumped out of the car. "So, Party wrote you a book to tell you how to live in the zones? and he took you guys to this safe house when he would disappear with you guys? and he did it all secretly?" Kobra said stating the facts "yes" Twisted said grabbing his stuff out of the car and walking towards the hut. "and you guys stayed here for all of these years?" Kobra said grabbing his stuff out of the car and following Twisted into the hut.

Desert Instinct (13)

Miss #12?

"What are we going to do?" Kobra said starting to panic "We shoot and kill. survive" Street Heart replied "do you guys know how to fight?" Kobra asked the kids "only what the book said" Twisted said grabbing his gun "book? what book?" Kobra replied grabbing his gun also "the book, the one you guys wrote for us and put into the safe house" Twisted said puzzled "i'm sorry, what?