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a couple things to share

on a happy note... Im teaching myself to crochet and actually doin ok with it (i think)

on a sad note....I literally just saw a post on fb from a woman I used to go to church, she posted a memorial for her son who was lost to suicide 5 years ago and the title to her post was " Pain that will never fade"
Prayers for this woman please!!!!! send all your thoughts of love her way and in Jerimiah's memory please keep running!

australia and mcr? i wish

how cool would it be to win the lottery and go to australia (from the US) and hit up all the cities on the tour also! now that is My idea of a getaway


Just made some yummy applesauce with cinnamon :) now my whole house smells yummylicious!
Any way so I just told my coworker yesterday that I wanted to switch back to my old schedule at work( for years I have been switching and working late for her staying an Hr later once a week)
She totally flipped out and I absolutely hate the excuse that she always uses to get away with shit at work "but you dont understand I have kids" grrr....... like she is the first person in the universe to have kids ever. I had just been doing this to help her out !!!!!!
Add on top this extra hr that you are

My Words of wisdom of the yr

life is like a TJ maxx store, u gotta sort through a bunch of junk to find what u are looking for

1 yr ago

1 yr ago today my grandpa passed away he was burried at a cemetary near saratoga when I went to see mcr play there last month I totally sang along with the black parade and was thinkin bout grandpa the whole time. heres a pic of his last dance at my wedding 4 yrs ago. and he is not gonna be at my sisters wedding in 2 weeks that is just killing her she had a special place in his heart and he wont be there for her biggest day.Miss u always grandpa


I think I look damn cute today thnx to my new t.shirt. Hehe
All u look damn cute today as.well dont ki forget that

New Ts

Just got 2 new tshirts from hot topic! Ther are both the killjoys comic style one white and one black both oh soo sweet!also it seems as tho someone made a mistake at fye and put out the lion king 3D early at a discounted price! So ca-ching!

Bored on lunch

Guess what im listenin to

hunger games

almost done reading it! Finding out that reading it right before sleep not the best idea but oh well.

it still feels like a dream~

this is from the show I went to They were amazing!!!!!!!! I loved this one mostly because U could hear every one in the crowd singing and that moment It just felt magical! And this is the song that made me fall in love with them in the first place. I can watch these vids over and over again and just dream!