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This is what I imagine

Whenever I hear "look alive sunshine" I imagine waking up in a confused state after a long night of ass kickins . Exhausted by the heat, its that lil phrase that brings you to your senses again. Shake it off and get ready for a new day. Heres my pic I drew in my new sketch book


I just bought a new sketchbook to keep me company on my lunch hour at work. I named it henry and gave him his own personality. Art is the weapon is written on the cover. The full quote and cinnas quote from hunger games is now written inside the cover.his name is on the spine and on the back "is this the end?" Is now boldly written.if u have any ideas as to what I can fill the pages with please share!


Hey just wanna know if any one has and Idea of if and when a new season of Awkward is going to start? I dont get MTV so I gotta watch it online

That song

Make it stop always makes me get misty eyed. Im sure it is the same for alot of you. I just heard it today on the radio and it its message is effective because I always stop and pray for those precious people that are named at the end and the others who have been lost.
" It's always darkest just before the dawn.
So stay awake with me, let's prove them wrong."
that is such a powerful statement

ok I have seen people do this before and I hope it works..

Inspiration for a drawing please?

one thinng that annoys the heck outta me

when I am on my lunch break at work and I very obviously have my head buried in a book, for some reason this is an invitation to my co workers to try to have a conversation with me! What is worse is when I give them absolutely no acknowledgment ( kinda like hint hint I could care less about whatever you are rambling on about I just wanna make it thru a sentence.) they continue to talk to me. I feel like I should have a sign to put up " shhh!!!! Reading in progress"

promise not spam just trying to help someone out

these guys are going to be recording a new album soon! They are asking for people to help spread the word about them. Steve is my friend's nephew. While I am not a fan of this particular type of music, I am a fan of helping artists reach their potential. So I Know that some of you like this type of music and I feel you may have a better grasp on their talent than I . Please share with others too : )
and A very HAPPY HAPPY new year to you all

soo cool

yup so I went to see american idiot last night and it was fantastic.:) I almost cried during 21 guns. we were the first stop on the tour. so if it comes to u I highly reccomend

American Idiot!

I only have 6 more days till I get to see American Idiot! has any one already seen it?
I went all over the mall looking for a greenday Tee to wear to it but I couldnt find one :( oh well! Whats funny is that I told my coworker that i was gonna dress "punk" for the show and she was like"why would you do that" well I responded with "why wouldnt I !!!!!" gonna wear my jet star jacket any ideas for the rest? clothing, makeup, accessories?

I embrace my dorkyness

We had an office christmas party at a kinda fancy restaurant and the boss brought silly hats to wear! My coworker was afraid that pple would think shes a dork that is when I stated "i embrace my dorkyness"

I totally squealed and was jumping up and down when my boss came over and gave me this article from the newspaper! I am freakin out cuz I get to see american idiot in 6 days and our town is the first stop on the tour! (even tho the website says it kicks off in toronto) I guess utica ny just isnt cool enuf

The other pic is my drawing of my fav sculpture!