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Would u could u in a boat?

Remember how I said I was throwing my sis a dr seuss theme shower?probably not but ne ways, here r the centerpeices I made for it and I think they came out soooo cute

Hair chalking

I chalked my hair and this pic sucks it is actually brighter in real life but I love it ! Great for me cuz I can have color when I want. If u havnt seen this yet it is good for temporary (it washes out) color

Dr seuss

My sister and her wife are going to be foster parents soon so I am throwing a dr seuss theme shower for them. Soj much fun

Whattya think?

Side ways I know but...
Does it get the point across?
Shoulld I leave the background white?
Add or enhance anything? And how?

From catching fire

My version of katniss everdeen at the tribute presentation in catching fire

Not done yet

Cuz I keep forgetting to grab a damn friggen red pencil! But these are pages 2 and 3 of my sketch book aka henry


i stole their Idea

Well I dont know how many of u may have seen Gerard talking about how Danger Days album didn't really tell a story but it was more about painting a picture of this world that is well.... you know what it is. I kinda figured if they can do that with their album why cant I do that with my sketch book? It will be just kinda clips and phrases of this imaginary life (mostly inspired by MCR). I was also thinking about what "art is the weapon" really meant to me personally, what is it the weapon against, and it hit me (duh) My bouts of depression.

Idk, what do u think?

Im sorry but I cant help thinking that Emma Swan's jacket from last nights Once Upon A Time episode is completely Party Poison inspired! Now I want it. What do u guys think?

Gee road

got a little too excited when I drove under an over pass on the NYS thruway and the sign on it said Gee Rd

comic style

really want to be a comic style artist!!!! any ideas on what can help? I thought maybe trying to replicate other pples to get the knack but if any one knows any websites or anything that may help i will gladly take suggestions.