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Felt like putting this up. again

Sorry if u have seen this already but this is the bass I painted. Inspired by mikey way

The bass part 3 (hope u like)

My mikey way inspired bass is Almost done! Just needs to be put back together!what do u think u can look at my old posts to see where it started and the steps between.


so I finally got up the courage to go back to college for radiology! Great, right?! I went and sat down with an adviser yesterday only for him to tell me that the program is practically impossible to get into and...... There are NO jobs in this area for this degree!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh back to the drawing board i guess.
the pic is an unfinished drawing that I titled "I've lost my fear of falling"

the bass continued,,,,,,

Ok so I have the base coat down, Black!!! very black! If u want to see what it looked like before have a look at my last blog. It Is definately going to be inspired by Mikey way and MCR. any way the stripes and the widow that I put on there are it is just tape right now that tape will stay on until I am done with the other 3 colors so in the end they will be black and the rest of the bass will be champagne colored with nickel colored animal print (inspired by mikeys shirt, yea u know what one) i already tried this on a canvas so I know it will look awesome in the end!

The bass

So im refinnishing my dads bass and the designis gonna be mikey way inspired! Now it just needs a final sanding and then the right weather conditions to cooperate image 1 is before 2 is after sanding it

Bli took over zone 6

And theyre tryin to sell us their pills

I turn 29 today!

And this is what I got for my bday... A playdoh set and hunger games nailpolish

my dad's bass

he is gonna take it all apart and let me custom paint it!!! this is all stemming from me begging him to go in halfsies for the MIKEY WAY signature bass.
any suggestions? im thinkin takin off on the signature bass maybe adding the spider. plus im thinkin I like a satin gold finish instead of the glitter or maybe ill do a pink version....hmmmmm decisions decisions. then he will havew to teach me how to play a song or 2

I have fallen for

This song I have a few somebodys that I used to know And 1 somebody that I plan on faking amnesia if I ever run into him. So true to life, this song. I am lucky to have found my somebody I cant get enough of :)


LOVE how MCR's Keep Running is popping up on pinterest :) now I feel that it is my duty to share with people that it is about an amazing album and not just literally running