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5 yrs ago today!

I married this man and my best friend

look at the news page!

just incase u didnt know

i may be a nerd but figured I would jump on the opportunity
Nasa is feeding a live stream of the transit f venus it is actually pretty cool u can see the sun spots too

Some one shoot me, just fuckin shoot me already!(not really)

At the inlaws and I hate it here, do u know in the movie big fat greek wedding Ians parents? theyre are as lame and boring as them. Ma n law is a total debbie downer. Just wanna go home! Pple do u feel me? The picture is my dad he is cool they are not

graffitti is sometimes cool

SO i was riding on the train home from my sisters today and happened to see all this graffiti on this building and the one thing that stuck out was the one that said "LOOK ALIVE" i mean that is awesome! The pic is across the street from where I work I thought the sunrise looked beautiful that morning.

ok so....... this is awesome

sooo my dad is the best BASS PLAYER in the world (sorry Mikey) well any way he taught me how to play S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W on the bass last sunday! On the bass that I painted for him (i had pics but my blogs are MIA) soo to surprise him I learned kinda how to read tabs and I am going to try to learn summertime on my own. so wish me luck

"MOM" vest

I got this denim vest from my boss (hand me down) thing is... gotta figure out how to turn it into a zone vest and not a "mom"/BLI vest

It is done!

If u look at my older posts (please do) u will see that I have been re painting my dads bass inspired by mikey way!well here it is all done! And I think is pleased!

Because she loves me

My sister stopped and took a pic of some random persons car just for me :). Like the plate?

I WON!!!

I just won tickets to see Death cab for cutie ummm...... but i dont really know their songs! oops ;) any suggestions?