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ummm has any one seen the goods? I WANT... in other news if any one has seen Matt and Kim last year with MCR on the HCT, you will know why I am so excited to be going to see them this THURSDAY!!!!!! Here's a pic from last year.

ME last weekend

First of all My best friend had her baby on Saturday morning at 4:49 am. And I was the one who got to go to the hospital with her and hold her hand and tell her that she was stronger than the pain. And I got to see her beautiful little girl be born into the world. And at that moment I saw my friend as a Hero who went through all that pain to bring us this little miracle. The pic is me, I'm a total grease ball because I didn't have time to take a shower after being woken up at midnight. Then on Sunday I had the All American Rejects concert with boys like girls and The ready set.

babies and such

Up at 3 am in the hospital because my best friend is going into labor. I'm the one who is in the room with her. Oh boy! Actually it's a girl!

can you guess?

The first thing that came into my mind when I saw this in the paper? Sorry it's upside down don't know what happened there.

dinosaurs on a spaceship !

Anyone else?

who Is mollom and what do we report to them?

OK that is my question of the day! in other news...My sister just was placed with 2 foster children and im soo excited for her but it is humbling at the same time because i know that the situation these children were in had to be unimaginable. I hope I get to see them , I have no Idea how long they will be there. And I just saw Hugh Laurie (HOUSE) and the copperbottom band play tonight, Highly recommended to all of you I had a fun time there. WELL good night all.

All American Rejects!

Gonna get tickets to go see them along with boys like girls and The ready set!
Best part!!! meet and greet is only 11 dollars extra so yea! happy camper here oh yea and on top of that I get to see Hugh Laurie this friday and Matt and Kim Oct 4 woot!

I think I may have broken my ribs

yea so I went rollerblading the other day and decided that I had to put some MCR on so when i was stopped and done screwing around with my phone I put it into my little pouch with my car keys. then I picked up my left foot and got ready to roll except.... my buckle on my left foot got caught on my right boot and bam! I fell and landed on my right side and my phone and keys got sandwiched in between my ribs and the pavement. so now I get to go to urgent care tomorrow probably just to have them say there is nothing they can do. but i need to go for my peace of mind any way

oct 4

I'm gonna go see Matt and Kim even if I have to go by myself!

soo weird someone has to make a story about it!!!!!!

Ok so names have been changed to protect the innocent!!!!
This is totally true and that is why it creeps me out so...
In High school I had this boy friend and his name was jon (didnt change his name he is anything but innocent) well any way, He lived with his father for some time when we were dating. so here is how it goes
fathers name DAVE Albertson, step mom TRACY together they had 2 children (jons half brothers) JOSH and ADAM (their real names are not actually that common) we dated over 10 years ago at that time they lived in the village of epson they loved the adirondack mountains and