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got my jet star jacket it is soo cute i love it! yay so worth every penny


had a great weekend at my sisters Had a lil zone 6 separation anxiety but kept updated as often as i could. the first night we were we saw a girl get thrown off her horse riding down the road. that was scary (running in flip flops on wet grass= fallin on my butt) she ended being up ok, but it was scary not knowing what i was gonna find when i got to her. she ended up with a concussion and arm out of socket. i love my sisters place it is so country at home feeling when we are there. countin down the days to the sept MCR concert and havin fun in between


hate these storms! the thunder is shaking our whole house thank god for my mp3 player and Danger days album i have on it, maybe ill actually get some sleep.


any body else on here between the ages of 25 and 30? i feel so old compared to everyone else who's posting bout being is school and stuff!

im new at this (kinda)

fell in love with MCR with the black parade. Since my co worker let me borrow her daughters Danger Days CD i am CRAZY about them! their work is truly Beautiful, every song paints a vivid picture in my head and takes me to another place. who needs drugs and alcohol when u got Danger Days!