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has any one used the tickets that u print at home for a show? do they work fine?


I thought that being emo was a good thing! I just thought it meant u had a really good taste in music. now after reading some of these posts i see pple get mad when u call them emo. oops


Just heard it for the first time on pandora! It's beautiful!

keep it going add a name

Forever Kis$ed
Under Byte
Nitro Nightmare
Amplified Suicide
Alkaline Child
Stardust Specter
the fullmetal killjoy
10. Cherry Bomb
krooked klymene
razorblade disco
marshmallow grenade
Retro Rebel
Ash americana
pyro child
Vinyl Rabbit
Agent Revenge
Lurid Kid
20.White Crayon
Killshot Delirium
Exterminator Cola
Ritalin Raygun
Lethal Toast
Retro Glory
heart eater
Pinky Pain
30. Dirty Birdy
Butane Brat
Jazz Bullets
Tempo Thief
Jett Light
Handguns Galore
Cyanide revenge
Toxic Timebomb
Adrenaline Revolution
Mad bullet
40. Phaser-Laser
Atomic Enigma

Part of my job

Im a dental assistant. This poor person came in yesterday with a cracked tooth. I prolly wont see this again!cracked strait down the middle not even a cavity

concert 9/16 at SPAC ne one else goin?

browsin photos of where the concert is going to be and found this one sooo exciting

danger days

so i let my father in law borrow my danger days cd. AND HE LOVES IT! dude it like 50 something and a Pastor! hehehe Im trouble

Honda tour

Got my tickets for saratoga date! 15 rows away from the boys, only 15 rows.away omg! Soooo happy


omg omfg omg........ presale tomorrow for honda civic tour!! it starts at 10 but wont be able to log on till noon!!! something bout having to work! PLEASE DEAR LORD!!let there be tix left!

blink 182

so alot of pple were askin bout blink 182 they were popular when i was a teenager just thought i would share one of their more serious videos with you.This song always makes me think what would i have done if my best friend had actually succeeded at committing suicide. she is like a sister to me. but it is a very touching song and i know many pple feel this way it just showed me that i wasnt alone in depression. and no one else is so hang in there