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how am i NOT supposed to feel depressed when my own father blows me off. they(him and my stepmom) were sposed to stop by my place after they went to watch a swim meet at a college near me. Church stuff is more important than their own kids.they get so tied up in their church stuff and get soo busy that family gets pushed to the back burner and they totally spent the whole 4th of july weekend at a friends from churches camp didnt even ask if we were doing ne thing. I know deep down that its not true but this shit just makes me feel soo unwanted. wish they could see this.

for pple who may have missed

posting it again! sorry for those who have seen already but just wanted to share again for u pple who may have missed it
tink is one kickass killjoy

killjoy Desert Pixiedust!!

hell yea Tinkerbell makes one flippin rockin killjoy

tink a killjoy?

so if u cant tell from my name on here I love tinkerbell. so i got this brilliant idea this morning on the way dropping my husband off what if tink were a killjoy? Any ideas?


so i realize that i really have a hard time emotionally connecting with people i dont know what it is! there are probably 4 people in my life that i have that connection with. Maybe its normal idk but when i see my sister interact with pple in my family and her friends it is just soo foreign to me. she has a large group of friends and is so involved in their lives! i can barely keep track of my own life. why do i feel so disconnected? does ne one else feel this way?

this is why i need to start listenin to the radio!

just heard bulletproof heart on the radio, when did this start? I never listen to the radio ne more cuz i barely drive so i guess i gotta start again. i got totally excited when i heard it

Happy 4th

Enjoyin the afternoon sittin out on my deck listenin to my mcr channel on pandora


so i came home from dinner to find the trees in my back yard (behind us is a lil wooded area) trees covered in "glitter", there were hundreds of fireflies hangin around and then i looked up beyond the trees to see a beautiful starlit sky! some of the most simple things in life can be so amazing. now i have a sudden urge to watch the princess and the frog!

please watch the video on link and vote for me

hey i entered this contest for a waterpark near me ck it out and let me know what u think and please vote for me!!! Mine is an otter day by erin gown

please help me out my killjoy friends!

vote for me please!!!!!!!
i entered a contest mine is "an otter day out video" please vote for me!! thanks Killjoys