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totally messed up my submission for the tour report and now it wont let me fix it GRRRRRRRRRR


On the train and on my way to the big apple! So excited! Gonna be a rockin good time, we are going to see the harry potter exhibition, the sucky part of it is that they dont allow photos so.sorry but I cant share with u killjoys.

Rockport mass

Having a great time on vaca. This is my first time seeing the atlantic and rockport is such an inspirational place (artistically) picture #1 me on the beach #2 where we had our lunch at a lil pizza shop


goin to boston and nyc this week any suggestions for places i need to see or places to eat or ne thing?


2 more days till vaca it doesnt seem real i havnt been on a real vacation in forever!!!!!!!


How do u describe the importance of thi impact mcr has and other artists to someone who seems to have no emotions?

Happy mcr day

Drew a couple tats strategically placed

Le Petit Prince

So if u are like me and love the little prince then u know what the fox's secret is. If u havnt read it I highly reccomend. Just read it again and every time I read it something new sticks out. Tonight it is when he says its lonely in the desert, and the snake replies "its lonely with the people too! That can be soo true.


the world has gone crazy and zone 6 is my sanity

mass canvas contest

hey for all u who dont know mcr is hosting a design competition for mass canvas it will help raise funds for make a wish foundation. the challenge is good vs evil. my design is to show that good always comes out of evil and will always win