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killjoys Kill Joy

ok so this was a hand painted sign in someones front yard! were they talking bout us or was this just random?!
Went to a waterpark today and where every one else wrote dumb things in the changing stalls I wrote in my pertiest handwriting Jesus and My chemical Romance saves lives. i know its bad but so tempting and i figured if it is a positive message why not? Cant forget about the man u know! I wonder if Jesus was around today if he would hang with Mcr.


So do u love feather earrings? I made these. There is a tutorial on a website called threadbangers. I can make tons for the price of 1 pair

I wish!

Mcr for president


I just think it is absolutely amazing that gerard and frank took part of their free time to write to their fans! And that my friends is why we are a family, we have good people to follow!

stay safe!

all my fellow new englanders stay safe it will be a restless night for me thinkin bout those who have been and will be hit by Irene! Please killjoys have our friends in your thoughts

organized my art room

stopped to walley world and picked up a couple storage things! YAY back to school sales! now my art room is all organized i even separated my colored pencils by warm and cool colors. now all i need is a fricken desk so i dont have to draw and paint on the floor!

do cookies heal headaches?

i guess there is only 1 way to find out!
btw- 28 more days


ok guys help me out! I want to start to get up early before work and start running (ill start with brisk walks first) please give me the motivation i need to do this! My inspiration for wanting to do this is that i just realized that my prom dress would fit me with a lil toning up! yea prom was 11 yrs ago and not many pple can say that so please send some motivation this way!!!

1 more month

1 month till i get to see them!! cant wait sounds like its been an awesome tour so far! BTW for the ones that may have gone already how was blink did they do their old stuff?

yay i did it right!

I think!.... I posted to the tour blogger contest hopefully i get it!