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what does a hulahoop have to do with 3 cheers?

I got them both this weekend so now I can hulahoop while listenin to three cheers!!

SPAC honda civic tour

Im Gonna make this short and sweet "ditto" what every one else says about their performances. How is it that they can play to a full venue and you still feel like they are performing just for you like you are the only one in the room?! They did wonderfully last night ne one else there? I threw a pic of matt and kim in here too I felt like they brought soo much energy great opening act!

MCR tonight

Ne one else goin?

Awake and unafraid

Ahhh.....the air is crisp the sun is shining and in a few hrs I will be on my way to Saratoga to see our buddies rock it out!this killjoy will be makin lots of noise


Do we really come off as the type of pple who wantlouis vuitton coach or gucci crap? Really?

another awesome band

but the beginning seems oddly familiar what do u guys think?


I cant stop crying! First we went to our fav bakery to pick up some goodies and a paper the entire front page was a pic from 9/11. Now my husband is watching his football game and there is a bunch of sad commercials on. Makes me keep crying



more rain

please keep north east in ur thoughts and prayers we are continiously getting hammered with rain and some pple who had started to clean up from Irene are getting hammered again! It is scary for us has not directly effected me except for the fact that we almost had to find another place to stay tonight cuz most of the routes home were flooded. But this has been a long wet season and it seems as soon as pple clean up it is back to the rain again


someone from salt lake post and let us know everything is ok!!