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MAMA we all go to hell!

I am extremely upset about the events that had unfolded today in Connecticut. My prayers are with the people involved. And My deepest sympathies
PLEASE uphold these people in your thoughts and prayers no matter what your beliefs!

because im not COMPLETELY useless

At least I can help make the world a little prettier! Happy holidays every one. A gift from me to you

its turkalicious!

Happy Thanksgiving!

oh baby!

My husband and I want to have a baby. Last weekend I had a dream that a random little girl came up to me and rubbed my belly. I have had premonitions before so I'm hoping that it's a sign.

making these for christmas gifts

Ain't she cute!? This was my first one

Hell yea,Im gonna VOTE!!!!!

Election day is almost here and it will be my third one. I can tell you that I knew from the beginning who i want to vote for. Well I'm not gonna reveal because I don't like getting into heated discussions about politics but I can assure you that my choice was well thought out. There have been quite a few things that have happened during this presidency that have greatly influenced my choice. The things that happened on the campaign trail only solidified my choice. The pictures are random : ) Any one else excited for election day?!!!

Happy halloween

Made some Halloween Brownies for work tomorrow! I work at a dental office and the chicken postcard that was in the order book cracked me up so I have to share! I couldn't stop laughing at it haha!

OH SANDY!!!!!!!!

just now starting to get windy here (central NY state) hoping for the best but got my lanterns and stash of Halloween candy ready just in case : )

check out whats happening saturday at 5

Matt & Kim

Went to see them Thursday night if you ever have the chance I suggest you go. They know how to party! I saw them last year on the Honda Civic tour. They are the Best in concert (well besides MCR)