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any day now !

My little baby boy will be coming soon! The doctors told me if I go into labor now they won't stop it :) im so excited!

we made it !

Well, me and my unborn child made it through the surgery to have my gigantic fibroid removed. It's such a unique case that my doctors are using it for their lectures. Don't know if they'll delete my pics for being too graphic but the first 2 are the fibroid they removed. 5 1/2 lbs the last is my belly all stitched up. This was the scariest thing I have ever had to do especially since it involved my baby's life too. There is always hope.

fingers crossed

Going in for surgery today to have something removed from my belly wish me and my baby luck. Refer to mylast blog if u wanna know more

can I tell you about what's going on with me?

My husband and I are expecting our first child! As you can see it's a boy, the cake was my birthday cake we surprised everyone and had it written on there. All was fine and dandy until the next day I started to have pain on my right side (don't worry the baby is fine) . So I called the Dr. And they looked at me an said possible gallbladder attack stick to a low fat diet, so I did. As the week went on the pain got worse to the point where I couldn't even dress myself. That day I already had a scheduled test early in the am to look at a few of my organs.


Becky cloonan posted a link to an interview about the comic on her twitter account along with some artwork. Can't wait to get to the next chapter in this epic tale.

so...howabout FALLOUTBOY's new single ?

I like it!
And the name of their upcoming album, Perfect!
Save Rock and Roll

So as I patiently wait for MCR 5 I shall be occupied by FOB


That's my baby! I'm due August 31 and am sooo excited. We are calling it peanut for now
In other news I had the weirdest dream that I had to bust Gerard out of some kind of institute. Weird right? Must be all the Dr who and Heroes I've been watching. BTW the 10 th. ( I think it's 10 is in Heroes too!

alphabet soup

Cuz I had to do something while waiting for it to cool!

please dont take me as an Idiot

Im just a TRUE BLOND

I did not realize that "the light behind your eyes" was an MCR song
but yes it is beautiful and a little creepy that it is too fitting for this weeks tragedies

May God hold his precious children close to him and warm the hearts of their loved ones.

Dont let it all bring you down because the world is mostly good

It is just that all the good people don't make the headlines!

for every one person who does something totally fucked up there are millions who will express their love and compassion for those who need the support.
SO... stand strong and SING IT FOR THE WORLD
and Millions of voices will ring out so loud that it will drown out the war cry of Evil